Be Creative with Your Staff Bonuses

Rewarding your staff is an important part of the employee engagement process. After all, the more appreciated your employees feel, the happier they are likely to be, and that means they will also tend to be more productive and more loyal to you and your business.

Unfortunately, many business owners simply do not know how to implement staff bonuses in a way that benefits them and their employees. If this is a challenge that you face, here are some tips to help you be more creative (and successful) with staff bonuses, that won’t cost you a fortune:


Okay, so this isn’t exactly creative, but most people will be far more impressed with a monetary bonus than anything else. If you need help managing your money and working out when and how to use cash as a bonus, hiring one of the many excellent payroll recruitment consultants in the area is probably a good idea. Link bonuses to real results both in terms of work, brand building and good customer service and it will pay off.

Lunch with the Owner

You might think that no one is going to be impressed by having lunch with you – the owner of the business – but you’d be surprised. Most employees have big ambitions, and they know that networking with the higher-ups is a great way to get their face out there and start climbing the ladder. So, by offering them the chance to sit down and have dinner with you after they’ve done good work, you could make them happy for very little cost.

Let Them Bring Their Pets to Work

It has been proven that having pets in the workplace can help employees to de-stress and feel happier. It also shows you to be a good boss. Of course, this is a bonus that will only benefit those of your employees who have pets, and you should always check that everyone in the office is cool with it before implementing, but it can really help to keep staff engaged.

Master Classes

Most employees want to gain more skills, and they want to be able to fill their resumes with the impressive things they’ve learned from the most impressive people in the industry. Capitalise on this by offering them the opportunity to learn from industry leaders as part of your company’s rewards program.

Health Memberships

Offering your employees free memberships to local gyms, yoga and meditation classes or anything else that will interest them and help them to remain healthy is a great idea because not only will they be pleased to be getting something for free, but you will get the benefit of happier, healthier staff who feel like their loyalty is being rewarded.

Remote Working

It has never been easier for employees to work from home, so give them a bonus they’ll really appreciate and let them cut out the commute completely. They’ll love you from it, and you’ll benefit from an increase in productivity. It really is a win-win situation.

How do you reward your employees?

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