Building a Blog From the Ground Up

So, you want to start a blog? Great, you’re in the right place. Before we begin, though, there’s one thing you need to understand. There’s more to running a blog than just compelling writing. The ability to write well is only half the battle. If you’re afraid of getting your hands dirty; turn back now. Otherwise, roll up your sleeves, pay attention, and let’s get started, shall we?

For all intents and purposes, getting a blog up and running involves an awful lot of hard work. Jumping into this blind is only going to result in you compounding mistakes and hindering your own progress. In the early going, you’re going to spend a lot of your free time analysing traffic statistics and practicing your favourite swear words.

With that being said, operating a blog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. And not to mention lucrative; if you get it right. If that sounds like an idea you can get behind, here’s the definitive guide to starting a blog from the ground up.

Humble Beginnings (or Okay, Tell Me the Real Costs)

I’m going to be straight with you; there are a couple of things you’re going to need to pay for to get started. Before your idea even begins to exist, you’re going to need to buy a domain name and web hosting. Don’t worry, though, they’re both relatively inexpensive. You’re also going to need a Content Management System (or CMS, for short). By far the most popular option currently in circulation is WordPress. And like your domain and host, you can find cheap WordPress hosting easily.

Building the Foundation (or Help, I Don’t Know What I’m Doing)

If you’ve got no experience in building a website, the thought of approaching it for the first time can be incredibly scary. It doesn’t need to be. We’re blessed to live in a time of ease to build simple websites. Installing a WordPress theme (or, in layman’s terms, design) is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse. Once you’ve gotten your head around the layout, you’ll be navigating your blog no sweat.

Plug-In Baby (or Oh, What Does This Button Do?)

By now, you may have noticed that you have the option to install plug-ins for your site. I urge you not to get carried away. Installing too many plug-ins is only going to slow down your site. There are a couple of useful plug-ins, though, that will make your blogging life immeasurably easier. First, find and learn how to use a good SEO plugin. They’re invaluable for traffic analysis. Another plug-in worth getting is a Social Share. This allows your audience to share your posts to social media and, with any luck, get you going viral. Experiment with plug-ins you think may be beneficial to you.

So, now your site is up and running, what’s next? Well, do what you’re good at. Get to writing! Come up with compelling post subjects that are going to get plenty of eyeballs on your blog, and go from there. It’s all trial and error from here on out, but I believe in you. Go forth and blog!

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