Cases ‘increasingly important for the astute smartphone owner’

Smartphone owners are increasingly relying on their devices in every aspect of their lives, with the days long gone when the products were simply used for calling and texting. Nowadays, people use their smartphone to organise their lives on a daily basis – so protecting them has become a number one priority.

And new research from online retailer The Snugg has shown the majority of people are doing this with the help of a protective case. Indeed, the global study revealed that no fewer than 74 per cent of smartphone owners currently use a cover to safeguard their investment.

Protection was highlighted as the main reason people are opting to buy these products, perhaps not surprising given that a broken phone can seriously disrupt a person’s day-to-day living. It was found that two-thirds of respondents who own a case also possess a smartphone cover – no doubt keen to prevent a dropped phone resulting in a cracked screen or scratched surface.

However, the rise of the smartphone case’s popularity does not appear restricted solely to the protection it offers. Rather, many individuals are encasing their device to enhance its aesthetics.

The research found that 18 per cent of those questioned consider the style of the cover to be its most important aspect, while a further four per cent cited colour as the element they care about the most.

Respondents also appear keen to choose a protective case that fits their budget, with 12 per cent claiming price is their top consideration when picking the cover that’s best for them.

Despite almost-three quarters of people now benefitting from the extra protection and design flexibility provided by a smartphone case, there still remains just over one-quarter who are yet to do likewise.

This is of particular note considering the number of times smartphone owners break their device. The findings revealed that no fewer than 25 per cent of those polled have damaged their phone once, with 11 per cent doing so twice. What’s more, a handful of people have broken their smartphone on at least five occasions.

Regardless of how careful a smartphone owner is when handling their device – seven per cent claimed they did not need a case because they are too sure-handed to break their phone – accidents can happen to anyone. While the majority of people can limit accidental damage with the help of a protective case, many are leaving their smartphone at risk by failing to take the necessary preventative steps.

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