Choosing a good accountant

Finding a good accountant isn’t easy. That it is why it is important to do proper research before you choose an accountant or an accounting company.

Here are five things to bear in mind when choosing an accountant.

1.       Good reputation

Search the internet and ask around within your personal and professional circles to find out as much as you can about your choices at hand. Ask the accountant for referrals as this will be a great indication as to how good the accountant really is, according to the people he has already been in business with.

It is also a good idea to confirm whether the accountant is regulated by a professional body, like the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (the ICAEW), for example.

2.       Long track record

If you find that the accountant you are considering has been operational for less than a year, then for the best interest of your business, rather don’t hire that specific accountant. Hire the accountant with a long track record and who you know has gained enough experience to help you with your business.

3.       Approachable

Make mental notes when you meet up with the accountant and observe how approachable the accountant is. You want to have peace of mind that you can talk to your accountant whenever you need advice without feeling like you are inconveniencing them.

4.       Tax knowledgeable

As you may already know, tax issues can cause many headaches and sleepless nights. It is very reassuring to have an accountant that has good tax knowledge and is informed of up-to-date tax requirements and how best to run a company’s finances.

5.       Customer service

Does the accountant respond to your emails and phone calls promptly? There is no doubt that you want to work with an accountant who responds to you within a short period of time, preferably on the same day that you have made contact.

Also, does the accountant communicate to you in plain language, or in financial jargon? It is important that you take note of this because a good accountant will simplify complex information in a way that a layman will understand.

Remember, the accountant you choose to hire should add value to your business.

Ask yourself, “Does the accountant express the need to understand my business?” or “Does the accountant explain the different business structures that are available and advise me which one would suit my business the best?”

With so many risk-takers out there, you need to be very careful who you choose, and if you follow the above as a guide, the chances of you hiring the wrong accountant are reduced.


This article was provided by the Sable Group who manages financial, immigration and legal needs.

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