Clever Transportation Solutions: 4 Ways on How to Get Your Wares Delivered Quickly and Efficiently

Clever Transportation Solutions: 4 Ways on How to Get Your Wares Delivered Quickly and Efficiently

By land or by sea? When it comes to attacking your transportation needs, you actually also have air and rail as options to consider. Each works best for different industries based on transport time, goods being delivered and overall cost.

Careful assessment can help you find the transportation solution that’s right for your business.


Trucking gives you the most varied and flexible options, by far. The range includes refrigerated vehicles (reefers), flatbeds, dry van trailers, auto carriers and step deck trucks, all in various sizes.

It is ideal for short and medium distances, and currently accounts for over 70% of all cargo moved across the USA. Even with that large volume, most trucking companies offer tracking services so you know exactly where your goods are at all times.

Traffic delays and breakdowns aside, trucking is the quickest way to transport most wares. Extensive highway networks give trucking companies easy access to all of North America. Corcoran Trucking one of those companies which serves all 48 contiguous states and Alaska.


Businesses moving very large quantities of goods over great distances and which are not particularly constrained by time, can consider sea transportation.

The large volume generally translates to low shipping cost but this saving often gets used for further transportation of goods by truck or rail to reach the final destination. On the plus side, containers used on ships can be used on some trucks, eliminating the need to unpack and repack goods.

There is very little room for adjustments to timetabling and routes taken, and tracking goods is usually not a feature with sea transportation. You will have to wait until your goods are back on land for those flexibility features to kick in.


Speed over long distances is the greatest advantage of opting for air transportation of your company’s goods. Along with speed, you get a high level of security which helps to set your mind at ease, especially if you are moving sensitive wares.

While air transportation can be used for a wide variety of goods, there is an increasing list of restricted items. Furthermore, air transport is not suitable for all items and it tends to attract a higher cost than other forms of transportation you could choose for your goods.


Although rail transport can be more expensive than trucking, it is still a cost effective and fast way to move goods over large distances. Another advantage of rail transport is that it is one of the greenest ways to transport goods– a big plus for any environmentally conscious businesses.

Be prepared to work with routes and timetables as they are set, as adjustments or switching most likely will not be options, particularly if you are moving goods to or from a remote area. As with air and sea transportation, it may be necessary to arrange further ground transport for goods which will add to your overall cost of moving goods.

Your business has its own special needs. Take the time to compare transportation solutions in terms of their cost, efficiency and suitability to different industries. You’ll find one or a combination which works best for your unique business situation.

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