Create Dazzling Flyers, Even If You’re Not A Designer

Businesses use flyers all the time to get their message to potential customers. But with all the talk of email marketing, blogging and content creation, traditional methods like this don’t get as much coverage as they deserve. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of small businesses still depend on flyer marketing, especially when they are trying to advertise locally.

The problem with flyers is that they can be a bit hit and miss. Some people will take the time to pick them up and have a look, but many will discard them without taking in any information. Flyers, in other words, can often fall flat.

Not to worry: here’s some advice about how to create dazzling flyers for your business, even if you’re not a designer.

Get Jiggy With Bullet Points

Bullet points often conjure up images of boring business presentations and the dreaded Powerpoint. But for customers, they’re a vital tool for making chunks of information more manageable. Don’t be afraid to use bullet points in your flyers, showing the advantages of your service. If you’re a cleaning company, for instance, use bullet points to inform customers of all the jobs that you do that they don’t want to face. For example, you could have bullet points that highlight the fact you scrub dirt and grime out of ovens (an awful job for most people) or that you clean mould off showers (another horrible job). This way you immediately grab their interest with tangible things that they want.

Find And Use Images

People who don’t have a history in design can often get freaked out by the use of imagery in promotional flyers. They think that they have to delve into the bowels of Photoshop to produce something that’s acceptable in the eyes of their customers. According to Designs Hack, however, this simply isn’t true. The web is chock full of free resources, including the Flickr creative commons, where businesses can find free, promotional images.

They can even upload their designs to a hybrid mail platform and have a third party company mail out their designs on their behalf.

Add A Headline With “Pow”

The next step is to add a compelling headline. Headlines should be as short and as to the point as possible. You could go with the main feature of your business, like “cleaning services” – but that might be seen as a bit too generic. Or you could go with a headline that immediately captures their imagination. What about something like, “we’ll clean your oven for free”?

Don’t Forget The Back Of The Flyer

The back of the flyer should be reserved for additional details, like who you are, how to get in contact and what to expect from your product or service. If you’re handing out flyers for an event or a gig, it’s a good idea to use this space to detail who will be there, where it’s happening, what time and what day. Use a large font for subtitles, and a smaller one for body text.

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