Creating A Stunning Foyer For The Office

If you are opening up an office space this winter, one of the things you will want to think of doing is giving the foyer area a makeover to make it as welcoming as it can be. When someone comes to your building either for a job interview or a client meeting they will notice this part of the building first and this will give the impression of the company which they will carry with them. Making the welding area of your office inviting, therefore, is crucial, and here are some ways to do it.

Break through the walls

If you have a room at the front of your office which has four walls, consider changing this and making it three. Having floor to ceiling windows can be a wonderful design feature for an office foyer and it will not only let the light into the space but it will add that air of luxury which you wouldn’t get if the room had all four walls. Make sure you get strong glass for the new walls to keep the building safe.

Add planters in all corners

For a touch of class and life into your foyer space, the one really great thing you can do is add some plants into the corners of the room. Plants offer a relaxing feel right away and they can put the visitor at ease knowing that you are a company which is to be trusted. You can also think about bringing in a fresh vase of flowers for the table in your seating area for an extra essence of calm and luxury.

Create a cozy seating space

For any office foyer, you will need a cozy seating space which they can wait in and chill out as they wait for you to come and meet with them. For a cozy seating space, a couple of comfortable sofas, a coffee table and also a TV which plays on mute can be a really great idea for you to have in the area. It will make the place feel more like home and put people at ease.

Add those homely touches

Homely touches are what every good office foyer needs and this can make a big difference to the way your visitor sees you and your business. There are lots of homely touch ideas such as these which you can use for your foyer however we have a few simple suggestions of our own. A scented candle on the coffee table can provide a wonderful scent and a warming feel. A selection of magazines for people to read as they wait can be a great idea, and a small rug on the floor will add a homely touch to an otherwise tiled floor.

Create a wonderful reception desk

It is important of course in the foyer to make sure that the reception area is the star of the show and that it looks amazing to anyone who visits. You can come to a website like this to find amazing seating for the reception desk and take your time to make the area look sleek, business-like and also welcoming. It needs to be a comfortable workspace for your receptionist too so make sure it is comfortable.

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