Culture Shock – The Teambuilding Benefits Of Coworking Spaces

Culture Shock – The Teambuilding Benefits Of Coworking Spaces

The benefits of the coworking space are numerous. In addition to the cost savings benefits, many of these spaces place your business close to the central business districts in London and in other places as well. The spaces are fitted out with comfortable furnishing, and in many cases, self-service workstations that will allow you to work with a variety of people.

One of the coworking space’s central benefits, though, is these spaces nurture collaboration, more specifically, team building. The team building aspect of coworking, of course at some point, leads to innovation, and each member of the team benefits from their contribution to the project. Your coworking space in London can provide your business with the same platform, which will inevitably raise your business’s profile.  

Keep reading to see how team building can flourish in a coworking space and why it’s beneficial to your business.

Laying The Groundwork

Many think office space is just workspace, but in fact, the workspace can be used to encourage businesses in their productivity. The way many coworking spaces are designed it is to encourage the type of social interaction that creates team building opportunities. Walk into these offices and you will be pleasantly surprised by the open space supported by furnishings, colour, and lighting that invite comfort. With no borders to separate professionals with one another, professionals are almost forced to engage with the people in their environment.

However, the space is still an office, and while you might see exhausted coworking professionals napping on any one of the plush sofas, a lot of work gets done in the space. Add in the extra amenities like a coffee bar or beverage bar (wine and beer), and it is the next best thing to a home office. For team building, this office space encourages group conversation and collaboration, especially if you hot desk.

Using Community As The Gel

Each coworking space is unique, and much of this is because the professionals define the space. Much of the creating in this enclave relates to creating a workspace that is more like a community rather than an office, a community that is carved out of connections made through hanging out with each other in the space. The professionals who comprise the space benefit from social events that are responsible for providing the gel for this community.  Finding friendships and then building relationships in the coworking space becomes that much easier when all of the pretensions associated with work are removed.

Taking Advantage Of Space’s Programs

Not all spaces do, but a few offer businesses the chance to participate in incubator and accelerator programs that increase the likelihood that your business will benefit from team building. In many cases, experts and other seasoned professionals come into the space and teach newer businesses how to grow their business quickly. Team building benefits in this instance because professionals are learning how to grow their business but at the same learning how to work with others constructively.

Creating A Platform For Trust

Great innovative products have all been born from the work of teams who have worked on an idea through collaboration. Collaboration, in so many ways, fosters trust among people who work in teams as opposed to creating the kind of negative energy that comes from competition among professionals, each one jockeying for position and making it difficult to move the project along. The coworking space provides a trusting environment where ideas are welcomed and respected.

Creating A Space For Team Building

The platform has been created for professionals to work in a place that supports industry through networking and social engagement. For this reason, team building flourishes, as the space provides the setting for collaboration. The coworking space is fluid enough to support team building in a way that allows professionals to build one team or several.

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