Digital Signage Enhances the Customer Journey

POS and traditional signage sits safely within every marketer’s in store strategy. But digital signage has been changing the face of retail technology for many years now, giving shoppers an interactive experience and bringing a brand’s technology right up to date.

Already a widely used technology within the entertainment sector, digital signage stats as seen on, reveal that digital signage can increase in store footfall within the retail sector by 32.8%. Digital signage is an invaluable tool for improving the customer journey not only within the retail and entertainment sector, but also in the hospitality sector, healthcare, corporate and public sector.

Whilst traditional print displays still have a role in the retail world, static signage cannot compete with the way that technology has moved on. POS relies on visual and positioning; digital signage captures via audio, visual, animation and the moving image.

Maximising Interactive Media

Interactive media is technology’s secret weapon in advertising and marketing. A platform for new media, interactive television, interactive design, augmented reality, ambient intelligence, human computer interaction and interactive advertising, digital signage can provide a multi-faceted arena for the most up to date in store advertising techniques.

Cyberculture has exploded to become one of the most influential mediums of our century, attributable to the boom of blogs and User Generated Content, e-commerce, social networking and peer to peer file sharing.  Brands targeting a young, internet savvy demographic must consider the use of interactive media solutions not only via e-commerce sites but also in store.

The marriage of in store and online has become apparent in recent years and digital signage is proficient in connecting the dots of a retailer’s physical bricks and mortar world with their digital presence.

Successful Retailing with Digital Media Solutions

Establishing a brand presence both online and offline is essential for encouraging repeat business, no matter what industry or sector.  Retail digital signage is a proven and vital component for bringing the digital world and traditional advertising together.

Digital signage helps to build brands, inform and advertise, attract traffic to online sites, provides instructions and answers to FAQs, equips employees with the key information to help them improve their sales performance and offers a creative solution for communications. In store sales traffic can be increased by up to 32.8% with the application of digital signage (source: Already successful retail brands capitalizing on this high technology include Audi, Coca Cola, JD Sports, SEAT, Heinz, Thomson Holiday, Skoda, IBM, Odeon and Diesel.

Retail digital signage works by allowing any type of retail content to be displayed. The content can be as short or long as desired, audio driven or a full moving image, a traditional commercial, a sales demonstration, an inspirational film, real time feed based data or live feeds from social media channels, bringing elements of the highly influential cyberculture to the customer journey.


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