Digital Signature Options for Business

Digital signatures used to be a strange novelty that no one took seriously.  And some people still think you need a signed piece of paper to go ahead with a deal.  Well, times have certainly changed.  Have you changed with them?

In the US, electronic signatures are now considered the same as ink on paper.  In fact, this has been the case since 2000.

So what’s the benefit of digital over physical?

Well, convenience of course.  Convenience for the person signing the document, since it’s a much quicker and easier process.  And it’s less messy too, since you don’t have to print paper out, and so on.

And it’s also easier for the person receiving the signature since they don’t need to store paper copies of everything!  And with a digital approach, the life of a document can be tracked at every stage.


So simply put, it’s the future.  And signed paper will in time go the way of the Dodo.  Plus this helps you avoid being over run by paper!  And then having to bring in Managed Print Services London just to bring order to the chaos.  So here’s a few options your business can use to get started with digital signatures, today:


One big benefit of this solution is flexibility.  This mainly comes through Sertifi’s ability to support 300 unique file types.  Including of course the most common ones like PDF and Doc.  But also many lesser known formats.  This makes it a convenient solution for every type of business.

And it even offers collaboration features.  This allows questions and answers to be taken care of either in the document or directly next to it.  This helps avoid multiple emails back and forth.  Since in protracted email conversations, people almost inevitably lose track of the conversation.  And this leads to wires ending up crossed.


This business has been around since 2009 and offers similar functionality to many other providers.  However, it has remained rather inexpensive, compared to some of its peers.

It doesn’t have the same functionality that some of the higher end providers do, but it has more than enough for small businesses.  In fact, it probably has more than enough for most businesses.  This includes the ability to track every single step of a document’s and signature’s life.


DocuSign amazingly has 50 million users in close to 200 countries.  And with the same security level as banks, it straddles the market between being very easy to use, but also incredibly feature rich.

It offers solutions for all sizes and types of business, all the way up to enterprise.  Now, it is a little bit more pricy than other options.  But due to its history and customer base, comes with credibility to spare.  So you know you’ll be well supported if you choose this option.


SigningHub services banks and governments.  Not every provider can boast that!  With those sorts of customers this provider works hard to be certified against all US and European Union standards.  Plus the document security is significant.

And this solution can also be installed in your office, rather than you depending on a cloud-based approach.

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