Does Your Craft Business Need to Use a Courier Service?

Selling crafts is usually a home run business and this means that delivery is an integral part of sustainability. Whether you do hand painted stained glass, jewellery design, woodwork or soap maker, there are hundreds of people in the same situation and they need a safe and effective way of delivering goods.

How do you deal with delivery?

For a burgeoning small business, some people begin by offering delivery locally either for free or a fee. Depending on order frequency and amounts, this can be easy to take care of but it can also be time consuming and unnecessary as your client base grows. This means that you need to find a way for it to take up less time.

A simple solution

If deliveries become more frequently ordered then you will need to use a more efficient posting method. The Royal Mail, for example, are likely to be the first thought but the pricing isn’t often as competitive and the options for heavier orders are frequently less useful than a courier service.

Getting more options

With a courier, you can be sure that all possible delivery choices are considered and compared to give you both the best price and the option of giving your clients and customers next day or even same day delivery. On top of this you also get peace of mind because there will be insurance for your packages if anything should happen.

Partners for life

 Outsourcing parts of your business help you to gain expertise in other areas to streamline your services. When it comes to using a courier for parcel delivery, this also means that you save a lot of money. Oftentimes, you can get to a point whereby you work directly with one provider and this means you will have an understanding with each other and helpful customer service if necessary.

Always be available

 Most companies now offer Saturday delivery, and Sunday is becoming an option now to some. You will be able to come to an agreement on delivering packages when you need to as well as being able to enjoy same day delivery or a premium service for emergencies.

This will lead to happier customers too because a courier is likely to have an online tracking system for all parcel deliveries. Through this, they can track exactly how far along their item is to prepare accordingly.

Think big

 If you can build a client base in your town or city then why not think big? With a courier, you don’t just get more efficient local delivery but you have the opportunity to be worldwide with a professional courier service.

Craft businesses are often thought of as small operations that sell at local markets. This is sometimes the way the soloprenuer prefers to do things. However, with a good website and a courier partner, the potential is endless.

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