Don’t Do It If You Don’t Have To: A Quick Rant About Outsourcing

You can’t be expected to do everything in your business, right? Sure, you want your company to be known as a powerhouse of productivity. But there is such a thing as stretching your resources way too much!

A lot of business owners believe they have the perfect solution to this sort of problem. They think that the answer is to simply hire more employees. And I totally get why that seems like the ideal solution. You need to get a particular task done. You don’t have the resources to do so. If you get the resources, then ta-dah! You can do the said task!

But stop and think about this for a second. Recruiting a new employee is nowhere near as simple as you may think. For really big companies with a lot of revenue, then it may not be a big thing at all. They’re likely to have plenty of space in the office for new recruits. The costs of the recruitment might be less than pocket change to them. And if the company is a large, impersonal machine, then they’re not likely to care about employee turnover.

But it’s probably safe to assume that you’re not running that type of company. I somehow doubt the head of a multinational corporation is reading an article like this! If you’re a business owner, then you’re probably running something pretty small. You’re still at a stage where you have to be extremely strategic and frugal about every decision. (Never lose that outlook, by the way!)

Recruitment is a long and expensive process. But don’t make the mistake that many business owners make. Don’t sit there and stress about the fact you don’t have the resources to complete necessary tasks. You should instead look into outsourcing. And no, outsourcing is not a dirty word!

Many businesses are reluctant to look into outsourcing. And I’m not talking about offshore work. I’m talking about the simple act of getting another company to help with your workload. One of the first things that turn people off about outsourcing is the cost. But you need to understand that outsourcing is often turned to because it’s usually cheaper than hiring new recruits! There are a lot of businesses out there who specialize in affordable solutions. For example, you can look into pay monthly website design instead of getting design work done with big bulk payments.

Outsourcing is also a really great way of ensuring quality. And this is what you should really be concentrating on. You want to ensure that the task you need done is done to a high standard. And this is what drives business owners to want to handle things in-house.

But let’s say you can’t recruit a new employee. If you’re still adamant that you’re doing the task in-house, then you’re going to stretch your resources too thin. Neither the new task nor the other work tasks are going to be completed to a high standard.

By outsourcing a task, you can ensure that task is done properly. After all, these businesses are often filled with extremely talented and experienced people! This also ensures that you can keep producing other work to your usual standard.

Don’t turn up your nose at outsourcing!

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