Don’t Forget These Vital Items in Your New Office

When you’re kitting out an office, there are lots of things you need to think about. If it’s your first time moving your business into an office, you need to make sure you have everything covered. But you can be so busy thinking about the layout of the office and how you’re going to boost productivity that you can forget about some of the smaller things. These details can be just as significant to remember if you want your office to function properly. You have to think about a range of important factors, from encouraging organisation to keeping the workplace safe.

Organisation Supplies

Staying organised in the office is essential. When you start thinking about what you need, you might come up with stationery supplies, and perhaps furniture like storage cabinets. But it’s important to think about all the different ways in which you can stay organised in the office. For example, how can you help everyone stay organised together, and not just as individuals? You might use digital tools, such as calendars and task managers. But it can also be useful to have more visual, shared resources, such as noticeboards and whiteboards. You should think about the accessories that go with them too, such as pins and magnets.

Health and Safety Equipment

Health and safety are vital for any business, and it’s important to ensure you are fulfilling your responsibilities. You need to check what your legal obligations are to make sure your office is safe for everyone. For example, your office should have a first aid kit and an accident log book so you can keep a record of any incidents. It’s also important to pay attention to fire safety measures. You may need to have signs that show people the way to the fire exit and gathering point in the event of the fire alarm sounding. A fire blanket and extinguisher are also important pieces of equipment.

Printers and Copiers

In this digital age, we can sometimes forget about some key pieces of office equipment. You might use digital methods to share documents and files most of the time. But just because you usually use email and file sharing, it doesn’t mean you will never need a printer or photocopier. You don’t want to be in a panic on the rare occasions that you might need some paper copies of important documents. Make sure you leave space for printers, photocopiers, and scanners if you need them.

Modern Tech

Of course, there’s also more modern technology you might need to think about. Offices are becoming more and more high-tech, so there’s a lot of technology your office could benefit from. One thing many businesses might have to consider is integrating audiovisual equipment, especially if they anticipate a lot of video conferencing. It can affect the plan and layout of an office, so it’s important to think about it as soon as possible.
Remember to consider the finer details of kitting out your office, whether it’s your first official space or not.

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