Ecological Ways For Running Your Business

Running your business with a green focus is great for the environment and can also save you substantial amount of cash. In recent years green technology has become a lot cheaper due to the advancement in many new energy efficient products.  In the long-run you can often save a lot of money for your business by focusing on reducing energy consumption. Take a look at our top tips on green ways to run your business.

Invest in Energy Star appliances

If you still have a lot of out-dated appliances around the office then the chances are that they are very environmentally friendly. Old appliances that are left on all year round can often use a lot more energy than you realise. If you are upgrading appliances then look out for ones with Energy-Star stickers on then. This means that their low energy consumption will be saving you money every time they are used.

Encourage employees to car share

One of the most popular new trends for green businesses is car sharing. This is when employees travel together to save money and also the environment. Encouraging employees to car share is a great idea to cut emissions and congestion. If you live in a busy business area then there are many websites such as which allow employees to find others to travel with.

Take advantage of LED bulbs

There are many brands which are helpful in saving costs for businesses, for example Recouplighting commercial led lights which have great modern bulbs for extra efficiency. As well as looking great, modern LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than standard bulbs due to them wasting less heat energy. They also last a lot longer, saving you the cost of getting them replaced every few months.

Make use of recycling

Businesses often have huge amounts of waste every day that can be recycled. From old desks to scrap paper, they can all be recycled. However why not go one step further and thing of more unusual stuff that can be recycled. For example wrapper from employees lunch. Over a year period this could see large amounts being recycled. Recycling is great for the environment but can also see you save a lot on waste disposal. There are many companies such as Veolia who can take care of your commercial recycling.

Hold remote business meetings

Travelling long distances for meetings is a thing of the past. These days it is far more efficient and environmentally friendly to do it online. Web conferencing software such as AnyMeet allow you to host meetings with anyone, anywhere in the world. With the high quality cameras that are now available, you can still run your meeting as normal, without needing to be in the same location.

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