Energy Distributors Told to Lower Prices

 Energy prices are a real bone of contention these days. Every time a bill lands on the doormat, we are filled with dread and every time we read a news report about yet another price increase, we are overcome with anger. But because we have become too reliant on the energy that is around us, whether it is within the home, the workplace or when we’re out socially, we don’t have much choice but to pay these hikes.

After all nothing in life is free.

However, energy prices are so expensive and some distributors have been accused of over charging their customers. There have been regular public outcries over these extortionate costs, yet nothing seems to be done… until now.

Finally, someone is intervening and making energy companies see that the prices they charge are not only unrealistic, they are also having a negative impact on our lives.

Recently energy companies have been spending time looking through their own expenses, and those they charge users, with a little help from (document management). They have realised that they are being excessive and have attempted to review their prices and agree to lower them. However, Ofgem, the energy distributor watchdog says the reductions are not good enough and have told distributors they need to decrease their prices further.

Ofgem has targeted the UK’s main six energy companies. It has been discovered that energy distribution only makes up 19% of a typical energy bill, which poses questions: Where is the rest of the bill payer’s money going?

Regular rises in energy bills mean people are struggling to make ends meet and are having to make huge sacrifices, to afford to pay them. Gone are the holidays, cars and new homes. Even the simple pleasures of life, such as socialising with friends, are being cut back as families continually look for ways to tighten their belts.

All we can hope for is that either the energy distributors listen or that Ofgem continues to berate them until energy prices are lowered. Maybe then we can all get back to enjoying some of the fun things of life.

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