Fabric Posters: many different materials

People frequently travelling abroad for business meetings, will know how awkward cardboard tubes are. Carrying these around with luggage, can make international business trips a chore. Extra luggage is not only a burden, it can lead to excess baggage costs. However, this can be avoided with fabric posters. These types of posters are a great alternative to paper ones. They are lightweight, easy to transport and high resolution prints are colourfully vibrant, while graphics and text are always crisp and clear. Fabric posters can be folded and packed away with clothes, in a suitcase, no matter how large they might be. Wrinkle resistant material require little to no ironing and any creases that may develop are easy to remove, with an iron switched on a low heat setting.

Favourite photos look impressive when printed on fabric, as do Windows presentations and fabric posters are generally printed on a selection of materials, including canvas, polyester and satin. These posters are sustainable and an excellent eco-friendly initiative. All the types of materials used, have varying levels of crease resistance and reproduction quality. Polyester mesh is a favoured choice for fabric posters. As well as being light and easy to carry, this fabric is durable and its fire retardant quality ensures safety standards are adhered to. The dye sublimation process that is employed, during the production process, guarantees all of the colours on the posters remain sharp and vivid.

Material posters are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and drape flawlessly on walls. After time, paper posters can develop corner curls and are prone to rips and tears. This is not an issue, with fabric posters though, neither are those annoying little paper cuts. Affix fabric posters on walls, with Velcro tabs, presentation clips or tacks. Aluminium frames are another option to consider when placing an order. They have a professional edge and allow for greater ease, while displaying fabric posters. Aluminium frames come with movable plastic eyelets and are reusable and available in various sizes.

Your poster will look perfect, whether its used as a part of a business presentation, as a central decoration piece in the home, or to advertise an event, or upcoming exhibition. When ordering a fabric poster, details of the desired size and the design are sent online. Once details are received, the printing process begins. Ordering fabric posters online is simple and straightforward and quality is always assured.

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