Fifty Shades Of Office Lighting

Fifty Shades Of Office Lighting

If you’re a business owner, you likely know how vital your office space is. Get it right, and your workforce will flourish. Get it wrong, and you’ll flush money down the drain. There’s no getting around the fact that, to do their best work, your team need a space which encourages creativity. Hence why we spend so long thinking about office design. We choose the right colours, indoor plants, and even think about window blinds.

Yet, with all that planning, many of us forget one of the most essential features of all. It’s also necessary to get lighting right. As well as helping with the general feel of an office, the right lighting quite literally makes life easier for your employees. After all, they can’t work if they can’t see what they’re doing. So, if you want them to produce stuff you’re proud of, consider these different aspects of office lighting.

Lighting the place up

All offices use overhead lighting which they often leave on throughout the day. This ensures that, no matter what the weather’s doing, your office is a ray of sunshine. It will allow staff members to work without interruption. This can also help with general wellbeing. After all, a dark office is sure to leave staff feeling a little low, especially if there are limited windows in the space. But, by opting for the right lights, you can ensure they stay upbeat and positive. Bear in mind you want bright options here, but you don’t want to blind your staff. Think hard about which level of brightness would work. Often, cold and stark lighting can be too much for anyone to bear. That said, you don’t want to opt for orange light which is difficult to see by. Instead, work hard to find a happy in-between.

Guiding the way

Of course, lighting has more purpose than just brightening up your office. It’s also essential that you have emergency lights in place should you need them. This is part of health and safety regulation. It ensures your emergency procedures are as efficient as possible. Contact a company like Analogue Electrics Ltd who can take care of this issue for you. Trained companies like these know what you need to pass regulation. Included should be emergency exit signs, and even lights to highlight alarms. These will need to be on at all times, though they’re usually LED lights, so running costs are low.

Personal preference

It’s important to note that we all like different levels of lighting within the workplace. As such, it’s worth providing separate lights  for each member of staff. Just a small desk lamp is all it takes. This won’t cost much, but it ensures your team have some control over their lighting. If they need a little extra, they can get it without putting the rest of the office out. Equally, those who don’t need extra light don’t need to have it. It’s the ideal solution to an issue which could otherwise cause arguments.

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