Five Fantastic Low Cost Business Start Up Ideas

With job hunting proving more difficult than ever many people are choosing to ditch the job search and go solo, setting up their own business and being their own boss. The problem with business start-ups is you do need a significant amount of money to invest in your new venture. However there are a few low cost alternatives out there where you won’t need the help of a wealthy relative or even Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones to get your business on its feet:

  1. Catering

There are masses of potential when it comes to a catering business; it could range from a gourmet burger van or a cupcake stall to catering for weddings and events, or even selling coffee and sandwiches from the back of your van to a number of businesses in your local area.

You’ll need a background in food and obviously plenty of skills in the kitchen. You also need to make sure you register with your local authority before you begin trading as well as having an inspection carried out by Environmental Health.

  1. Cleaning

Are you one of those people who love to clean? If so, setting up a local cleaning company could be the ideal choice for you. Busy families with full time jobs simply don’t have the time or the energy to keep their houses spotless, not unless they want to spend their weekends cleaning the house from top to bottom. A local cleaner can earn a good income, word gets around quickly and you’ll soon find your diary will be full of appreciative clients.

  1. Crafts and Jewellery

Homemade, unique arts and crafts as well as jewellery are all the rage. People love to pick up bespoke ornaments, furniture and jewellery whether it’s for their homes or as a gift for friends and family. Whether you’re looking to have a mobile stall and attend fairs, fetes and festivals or you’re looking to have your very own boutique shop or market stall in the centre of town you’re sure to be a success providing you have the skills, the creative flair and the materials required.

  1. PR Agency

As social media, SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing continue to grow and build momentum it is THE industry to get involved in. Businesses don’t have the time and the skills to go take control of their own marketing strategy so it’s often something they are keen to outsource to someone in the know. There are plenty of course available to help you kick start your career in the world of PR and a plethora of businesses looking for your expert help.

  1. Tutor

With A-levels and GCSEs set to get tougher over the coming years many parents as well as students themselves will be seeking extra help and tuition to get them through their exams and to help them achieve the best possible grades.

To become a tutor you obviously need the skills, the knowledge and the patience to teach children and adults and help them out in areas where they’re struggling. It goes without saying that you need to keep on top of the current curriculum and adhere to any changes in the system. It’s also essential to get yourself CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked so parents can be confident their children are in safe hands.

Starting up a business is never easy but providing you have the skills and the determination you’re sure to succeed. It’s important to remember there is always help available in the form of friends and family, professionals already in the industry as well as accountants who can help you put a business plan together as well as keep your finances in check.

Be your own boss and make 2013 the founding year for your new venture.

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