Five ways shop fittings can boost sales

Retail sales are vital to the economy, accounting for 5.7% of total gross domestic product. High Street stores face substantial competition from online retailers and that means every inch of space in a store must be performing for the retailer. Retailers can certainly compete on price and quality but a well appointed shop can also increase sales figures. Here are five ways that shop equipment can work for you.

1) Make it easy

Shopping should be easy. Nobody likes to have to think too hard when they’re out shopping and lots of people are pushed for time. This means you should lay out your shop in a simple and logical way. Make sure the same types of product are grouped together and, if selling clothes, make sure all sizes are clearly displayed. People have a limited amount of time and you should aim to make sure you can maximise sales in that time.

2) Cross sell

It makes sense to have similar or complementary products close together. A gentleman buying a necklace for his partner may be tempted to purchase matching earrings just because they are close by. Try to place yourself in your customer’s shoes and anticipate what else they might like to buy alongside their main purchase.

3) Sell up

Every store owner will have some high margin items that they really want to sell. Proper positioning of such items is vital. They need to be visible and in high traffic areas but they also need the correct setting. Positioning such items beside the cheapest goods will make them look very expensive but setting them beside some more expensive goods and perhaps even including a small discount will make them much more attractive.

4) Properly use your point of sale

The point of sale counter is your last chance to sell to the customer. You need to be efficient but there is still the opportunity for some last minute impulse buys. Think about the little accessories that people may like and that could boost your margins. Also consider the close location of any deeply discounted sales stock. In most businesses there are relatively inexpensive items that customers may be persuaded to add to their basket at the last moment.

5) Make it pleasant

Always remember that your customers have a choice. Even if you are the only shop of your type in town, they can still choose to shop online. Making shopping a pleasurable experience can dramatically increase sales. Your shop should be comfortable and reflect the brand values you are trying to promote. A relaxed and happy shopper is always going to be predisposed to buy more and to return to your store. Think about lighting, music and the way you use shop display equipment to achieve the best look.

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