Food For Thought: How To Use Meals To Maintain Focus

The best way to a man’s or a woman’s heart is with food. Businesses should take this saying seriously if they want to improve employee efficiency and output. Of all the factors which impacts concentrate levels in the office, food is one of the most significant. An empty stomach is not all uncomfortable and distracting, but bad for the body as it reduces energy levels. Yet, companies don’t seem to bother and allow their workers to plod on unproductively. A simple meal can change everything from their mood to work perspective, which is why it’s vital to take seriously.

If you want the business and the team to benefit, here are the things to keep in mind.

Open For Breakfast

Despite being the most important meal of the day, almost 10% of the population skips breakfast. Usually, they are just not hungry or too busy to have a slice of toast. An average company wouldn’t care less, but employee eating habits are essential to success. Not having enough energy when they arrive at the office means the team could waste valuable time. And, things won’t improve in the afternoon as the work rate drops. Providing breakfast for employees means they have extra time in the morning to eat and take on valuable nutrients.

Healthy Catering

Lots of businesses have cafes that serve meals in the afternoon. However, curry and chips aren’t the types of ingredients that boffins refer to as “brain food.” In many ways, it’s junk because they don’t have any nutritional value. The trick is to create dishes which stimulate the mind and the body. For example, a lean piece of meat with leafy greens and vegetables is a perfect meal. No one expects the company to cook up a storm so outsourcing to ABM catering is a great option. Just tell the caterers what you expect and the type of meals you want to replicate.

Reduce Vending Machines

Crisps and chocolates are the epitome of junk food, yet every office seems to have a vending machine in the corner. A quick boost of energy is vital to keep the office’s focus high; however, people start to rely on unhealthy foodstuff. Over time, the fats and the sugars will begin to impact their brain capacity, which will lower output. Adults they may be, but you’re the boss at work and you can take away the temptation.

Regular Breaks

Working people to the bone isn’t a healthy way to boost the firm’s bottom line. Workers need time off to recharge which is one reason to implement more breaks. Also, it gives them the opportunity to grab a quick bite to eat and refuel. When you put the two together, the whole team will come back ready to work even harder than before. Yep, even in the afternoon and early evening slots. One method is to reduce lunch and stagger breaks in the morning and afternoon.

Essentially, it’s vital to keep employees well fed and you can do just that with the advice above.

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