Fun Team Building Activities That Raise Team Spirit

The morale of the workforce is very crucial for the success of every company. In circumstances, the morale will drop due to industry downtown and economic turmoil. When the morale is down, the productivity will also drop and consequently the company’s profits will also drop. On the other hand, when the morale is high, the members of the organization coordinate well with each other which in turn results in enhanced team work which is crucial for the company’s overall performance. By using innovative team building activities, you will be able to enhance team building and hence you will be able to promote the company’s productivity. The following are some innovative team building activities.

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Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics are suitable for people of all abilities and ages. They allow the members of an organization to interact and bond well. To enjoy this activity, the participants are taken to a beach where they form teams that compete on a variety of games. The referee in these games has a board where he enters the scores of each team in each of the game played. After all the games have been completed, the referee will tally the scores to determine the winning team. The winners are presented with an award. Members of each team must coordinate well for them to win the award.

Boot camp

This is another very exciting activity that will foster team building. Although this is a physical program, the activities can be adjusted in such a way that they fit all members irrespective of their fitness level. The program involves a couple of problem solving and team dynamics.

The activities included in boot camp include basic training, code breaking, hostile interrogation as well as tactical survival. All these activities require a high level of time management, trust and good communication. The members are divided into teams which compete against each other in becoming the best in each of the ranks. The program will involve physical activities, anguish and sweating which will help to show how each of the members will cope with the pressure created by the boot camp instructors.

Mini Olympics

Everybody loves Olympics and therefore it would be great if the members of an organization can participate in a Mini Olympics. Mini Olympics involve a wide range of games which ensure that every member of the organization participates irrespective of their physical abilities. During the challenge, the participants are divided into teams. Each of these teams will be assigned a particular nation which they will represent and they may be asked to come up with a national anthem.

At the start of the games, each of the teams will be introduced after which they will perform the national anthem. The teams will participate in a number of activities from which they will earn points. This means that each of the teams will strive to earn as many points as possible to ensure that their country emerge as the winner. After all the games have been completed, the points are tallied and the team that emerges with the most points is declared the winner. The winners will be given awards and a medallion.

Survivor challenge

This is another great corporate team building activities. When the participants arrive at the site of the games, they will be divided into tribes after being subjected to a number of problem solving and recreational activities. Each of the tribe is assigned with a theme. Each of the team is dedicated to ensure that they are the last surviving tribe on the island. With regard to how the tribes survive in each of the activities, they are awarded with immunity idols. For a team to survive the challenge, they must communicate, work together, solve problems together and manage their time well.

Survivor challenge requires the teams to use skills and strategies. They must be able to use the idols and also have survivor knowledge which will ensure that they are not eliminated from the challenge. As the challenge continues, teams will be eliminated one by one until only one team remains.

These are just some of the team building activities you can opt for; you can view the full list of team building activities and try to pick the best one for you. If you are not sure you can always hire a specialist to select for you. When selecting team building activities, it is important to ensure that you select an activity that will give fun to the participants. It is also important to ensure that each of the participants get a chance to relate with others from other departments. Giving the members of the organization an opportunity to spend time outside the workplace will prove to be very beneficial in promoting team work.

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