Google Makes Changes To AdWords – What You Should Know

If you’re an Internet market, who utilizes Google’s AdWords program, you should know that Google has recently changed the setup for side ads. In fact, the company has decided to eliminate these ads all together. Although this might seem a little frightening, some may actually be able to benefit from the change. Below, you’ll learn more about Google’s decision.

Change And Google’s Mindset

 So, what precisely has changed? Well, the side ads have been removed and they’ve been consolidated into the top and bottom ads. The original fourth position will be moved to the top and will gain access to ad extensions. Google insists the move will actually help PPC marketers, since the side ads receive very little CTR anyway. Since the change has been implemented, WordStream data has shown top ads receive an abundance of the click through engagements. Therefore, it will be possible for some to reap the benefits of the change.


If you’re a PPC marketer and rely on Google for your site’s traffic, you’ll understand that cost-per-click is pertinent. Your CPC gives you the ability to better manage your spending, while increasing the potential of your site. To date, the cost-per-click rates have not changed. Whether or not there will be an impact on AdWords users remains to be seen. However, it is believed that reaching that coveted 4th position in the future may cost additionally for some keywords, since the competition will increase. Although the changes have not been felt now, they could be astronomical in the future.

Access To Extensions

Previous side ads will now be able to take full advantage of extensions. In the past, this wasn’t a possibility. Those that get shifted from the side to the top will now be able to utilize a whole host of extensions, including location and site link. This could potentially give users the opportunity to bring in additional traffic.

The Losers

Aside from organic search results, the biggest losers have got to be those resting in position 5 through 11. Not only have impression shares decreased, but the visibility of these positions have been greatly diminished. Positions 5 through 7 received diminished results, but 8 through 11 were hit especially hard. Both will likely feel the effects of the change for some time to come and will need to scramble, in order to recover.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, Google loves to tinker with their system. When they do, it is generally not good for businesses and Internet marketers. Although Google’s New SERP layout will definitely negatively impact a large quantity of people, it could also bring new hope to others. A few effective changes could result in a massive boost to your PPC campaign and could increase your CTR. Just remember to check out this workaround for new Google search layout to figure out how to benefit enormously from Google’s update. Although the PPC cost has yet to change, it likely will in the future, so users should take advantage of this glowing opportunity, while they can.

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