Have You Got What It Takes To Be The Boss In Business?

We’ve all had terrible bosses in our time. We’ve all thought that we could do better than them. We could lead a team more successfully. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and managers have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Have you ever wondered if you’ve really got what it takes to be the boss? Today, we’re looking at some of the top qualities commonly found in the best leaders. At the end of the blog, let us know if you think you have these qualities too!

Leading by example

A good boss knows how to lead by example. That means conducting yourself in the manner you would wish to be led. It means retaining a level of integrity, and treating everyone on your team equally. If you want results as a leader, you’ve got to set the tone. One way to find out whether you have this inherent quality is with corporate team building activities. The experts at Zing Events tell us that you can quickly spot a natural leader during these activities.


No-one likes a boss who’s always looking over your shoulder. A good leader doesn’t micromanage. They delegate, and they trust their team to deliver. Any manager has to juggle many different balls at once. If you’re to demonstrate true leadership qualities, you’ll have to get used to passing tasks to others. It takes all the menial tasks off your plate, and gives you room to breathe. Remember, your job as leader is to strategize and plan for the future. You can’t do that if you’re snowed under with everyday tasks.


A good boss knows how to communicate effectively with every level of the business. They must give direction and explain tasks effectively to their team. And then, they need the ability to report to their seniors above them. Communication is the key to getting the job done, and it’s a vital quality for any boss. Communication isn’t just a one-way-street. A good leader also knows how to listen. They listen to the ideas of their team. They have an open-door policy, and take all feedback on board.

Confidence and commitment

If you watch any great leader, you’ll notice they have confidence in their convictions. They have competence, and the confidence in themselves to believe it. In the office, we tend to respect a leader who exudes confidence. Making a plan, and sticking to it, is an essential part of any successful company. That takes guts. Do you have what it takes to make those decisions?


Sometimes, there is no logical or easy direction in business. Regardless, a decision needs to be made. And the only way to answer it is gut instinct, or intuition. A good leader has the experience and competence to lead by intuition. If you constantly second-guess yourself, you might not have what it takes.
So, readers, what do you think? Have you got what it takes to be the boss? It doesn’t always come naturally, but work on these aspects, and you’re halfway there.

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