Helpful Tips to Purchase Used Piping for an Upcoming Project

Helpful Tips to Purchase Used Piping for an Upcoming Project

The internet has changed everything. Even industries that seem completely immune to its reaches have felt the effects. This includes industrial businesses that rely on piping for projects (i.e. the oil and gas industry, manufacturers, etc.).

Today, thanks to the internet, it’s possible for companies in need of piping to reduce travel expenses and overall costs by sourcing and purchasing used piping online. This represents a great way to preserve industry resources and source needed supplies in an eco-friendly manner.

However, before moving forward and purchasing used piping, keep a few important factors in mind. Continue reading to learn what factors to consider before making a purchase.

Buy from a Reputable Seller or Marketplace

One of the best things about buying used pipe online for industrial use is that the buyer isn’t restricted from making their purchases from a one-off seller on an auction site. Many reputable piping companies sell used products online, alongside their usual stock of new piping products.

This is a great option if a mix of piping sizes and types is needed for the project or operations. It’s also beneficial if certain pieces require customization. By purchasing from an online, reputable seller, buyers usually receive more in terms of replacements, returns, trustworthiness, and guarantees.

Always Double Check the Pipe’s Specifications

Just like any other item purchased online, it’s important to purchase exactly what’s needed. It’s no exception when buying used piping. While all the details matter, there are a few specific specs that should be paid more attention to than others.

These specs include the pipe’s size and grade, along with information about the end and if the pipe is welded or seamless. If the supplier offers a size chart, make sure to use the information on it.

Take note of the pipe’s thickness, outer diameter, and the inner diameter. Don’t ever hesitate to ask if the size is unclear. The responsiveness of the supplier can also help a buyer determine if it’s a company they want to buy from in the future.

Carefully Read the Specifics About Shipping and Delivery

When is the piping needed? Do the shipping charges negate the savings the buyer anticipated?

Make sure to carefully review all this information before making a purchase. Many suppliers know how important prompt replacement is for many buyers and, as a result, offer extremely fast shipping options.

The key to avoiding overspending is to make sure the supplier isn’t charging a premium price for piping that’s going to take several weeks to show up.

Learn More About Pipe Classification 

If buyers purchase from a dedicated pipe supplier, they may notice it’s not all labeled “new” or “used.” If a person is looking to save money and avoid the creation of more industrial waste, there are other options.

For example, some sellers may sell pipe that’s labeled “surplus.” This is generated when another buyer places a large order and then realizes they don’t need the entire order.

This is good news for other buyers. They can purchase the extra for a much lower price.

Getting Used Pipe for a Good Deal

There’s no question that buying used piping is a smart way to save money. However, finding the right seller and proceeding through a sale with caution is a must.

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