High increase in the number of parents searching for tutors since 2016

High increase in the number of parents searching for tutors since 2016

According to local internet services, there are about 118% increase in the number of parents looking for private teachers for their kids since the last six months. The tutors on the website have discovered that the latest changes to the marking scheme, most especially the recent news that SATS were marked down without any reason this year are increasing.

An online local services marketplace indicated that the needs for tutor have increased to 118% since last year July. They also revealed that parents are afraid to see their kids failing in school without any reason, following the latest change in the UK’s marking criteria.

Bidvine has noticed a high rate of requests for private teachers compared to last year and has sought the support of tutors to give reasons for the increase. There are over 2,000 tutors listed on the website and asked them, so questions to find out the reason behind the high number of bids for their services which has increased over 120%.


The internal data from the online local services marketplace is used to compare the number of bids made for private tutors in this time last year compared to the present year. They revealed that the number of requests has increased from 1,248 to 2,721.

According to the tutors, the change in marking criteria for primary school papers has increased, because the children punctuation marks in the sentences are missing which lead to loss of marks. They said that another reason for the increase in the number of parents searching for private teachers for their children is because of the change in marking scheme for GCSE examination which came into practice recently.

About 52% of tutors believed that parents are afraid that their kids are not getting the best level of education. 68% said that they tutor state educated children presently.  Few of them said that despite children attaining success at school, most parents are still searching for tutors.

Bidvine.com is an online marketplace that supports members of the public to submit their bids and receive requests from local experts from more than 700 services. The experts include music teachers, language tutors, dance tutors, private trainer, photographers including specialists from different sectors.

The Co-founder of Bidivine.com Russ Morgan stated,

“The high increase of about 120% is not common, that is the reason why we questioned the tutors on the website to give us some insight. It seems more interesting when they gave reasons for the changes in the marking models that led to most parents worries.

There has been lots of discussion about the recent changes to the GCSE marking scheme from the local lettered system to the numbered one, and it looks exciting to see how that has changed the demand for tutoring including the changes in parents anxiety.

“ We assumed that it is necessary for parents to have the resources to help their children get better results in school and hopefully our private tutors will be ready to support them.”


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