Hiring the Perfect Staff for Your Expanding Business

Hiring the Perfect Staff for Your Expanding Business

You’re a well respected business entrepreneur and you want to hire the perfect staff for your business. Your staff needs to be reliable, trustworthy, qualified and dedicated to the job. This is also what every other employer is looking for when they are hiring new staff.

As an entrepreneur, you are precautious about your business and rightly so. You’ve built this business up from the ground. What you really want when hiring a workforce are people that are creativity-minded, open thinkers who share your vision of how you want your business run. But how do you get them?


Using a Pre-Employment Skills Assessment

Studying your applicant’s resumé can be initially useful, but it is also not easy to get a complete impression of their strengths and thought processes. Think of a resumé as a piece of marketing designed to present the best impression possible. You need to be able to filter through the salient facts and actually find out if the applicant will be an asset to your business. Using an online pre-employments skills assessment is an excellent way of doing this. You will be able to set your own relevant questions and put your applicants on the spot – make them think on their feet about business ethics and philosophy. Online software can allow you to customise the questions and set the parameters of your test so you can hire staff with the relevant job skills.

Filtering through many applicants

If you have a large number of applicants you need to assess for a job then it is a good idea to use applicant tracking software. This will help you filter through people using criteria that you can decide. It may be essential that you hire staff with a background in accountancy, or staff that have certain qualifications. If this is the case you can use a tracking software to find those applicants that are perfect for your business.

Be open minded about work experience

When you are assessing and interviewing your potential staff, competency-based questions can give you a bigger picture of an employee’s skills and work ethic. You may be running a software company needing management staff. At first glance you perhaps wouldn’t hire a restaurant manager, but look a little further at their experience. A restaurant manager is used to dealing with customers under pressure, managing a wide range of staff, dealing with bills and finances and needs to be polite and courteous. These skills are easily transferrable to a different business sector. The best staff should have a varied skill set.

Finding the perfect employees for your business is much easier now using the online software that’s available. You can choose your essential criteria find the applicants that will be an asset to your business.

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