How calendars enhance a business

How calendars enhance a business

No matter where you hang your calendar, it’s a good reminder of your business or organisation.

From Instagram selfie frames to brochures, there are many marketing materials that can help boost a brands identity. But can a company calendar truly improve the success and development of your company as well as other advertising formats? Perhaps. Add value to your organisation and boost engagement with your audience with the use of a simple calendar, using these top tips…

A daily marketing tool

Marketing is an ongoing affair. Lose focus or momentum and your customers may defect to a competitor. By printing and distributing a brand calendar that people can hang on the wall, potential customers will be constantly reminded of your company. If your calendar is artistic enough, this also acts as free advertising for your products. So, get a professional photographer to take high-resolution images to sell your brand.

Raising money with calendars

Wanting to fundraise using your calendar? People are generally happy to support a worthy cause, but why not offer a discount for multiple purchases to boost sales? The more people buy, the greater your marketing reach and the higher the chance your fundraising event is noted.

If it’s for charity or another good cause, people will generally spend more — especially if the product is a limited edition or one-off. So, why not go premium? Opt for litho printing on high-quality paper or use a special embossed texture to give your company calendar a luxury edge.

Consider a community calendar

Get your businesses local community involved. Why not launch a competition and get people to send in pictures relating to your industry, with the best ones taking pride of place in the calendar? Not only will your potential customers feel appreciated, but you can also create a stronger bond to boost customer loyalty.

Just make sure you are very clear about who has what rights to an image that is submitted.

Celebrate your brand

Calendars don’t cost an awful lot. So, why not print a calendar with all the events that your organisation is promoting over the year? These might include key exhibitions, launches of new products and other fun ‘national days’ pertaining to your sector.

You can send out calendars to stakeholders and other external people involved in your business. This could be a great way to make an impact and show your appreciation. Try customising your calendar with the recipient’s name on the cover to add a personal touch.

Don’t stall until Christmas

You don’t have to wait until the festive period to send out the next batch of calendars too. At Christmas, there’s lots of competition for wall space, so maximise your chances of getting a place in someone’s eyeline by sending calendars out at other times of the year. At the beginning of July, for example, your replacement calendar is likely to be the only choice…

Get a move on and start designing your calendar today. Content, images and marketing aims all take time to plan and prepare — plus, you have to get these printed, packaged and distributed. Consider what niche you want to go for, get the best photos for the job and try to think of a quirk or theme to make your calendar stand out and promote your company.

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