How Corporate Hospitality Can Play an Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Within a company, large or small, it’s often easy to overlook some simple opportunities which can really help your business grow and flourish. In this article we will be taking a look at one such opportunity, corporate hospitality and how if involved in your company’s ongoing marketing strategy can provide great benefits not only to your staff but clients alike.

Employee Benefits

Firstly are the obvious benefits such as employee satisfaction. Day to day, most employees will deal with similar situations within a familiar environment. An organised event gives that break from the norm. With events such as ‘It’s a knockout’ or a group trip to a legendary venue, employees will really get to try new experiences and leave memorable moments. This allows employees relations to develop and bond, creating a closer team. Not only does the relaxed environment stimulate conversation and team work but it also allows you to see the best and worse in your employees; seeing them in different surroundings allows other traits and skills to show through.

Client Relationships

Corporate hospitality events are also a great way to enhance customer relations. Treating them to an event or situation where you can really get to know more about them, their business and how it ticks, than could ever been achieved in the confinement of a meeting room. The memories it can create and this positive association means they will be reaching for your phone number ahead of any competitor.


Corporate hospitality events often attract a mix of various like-minded business men and women coming together in a casual environment. It creates an ideal atmosphere to network with others, build relationships, and find common interests which can lead to making contacts and creating leads.

Track and Measure

Some businesses may claim it’s too difficult to track the ROI on marketing strategies like corporate hospitality. However this is more possible than you might realise. We need to consider what we are measuring – did the user enjoy the event? This is the simplest way of judging if the event was a success and whether the correct event had been chosen, which appealed to the widest audience. The more enjoyable the event the greater likelihood it will have the desired effects within your company. A post event survey is an easy way of obtaining measurable feedback, and an excellent way of planning events that will give the greatest enjoyment, hence achieving the best success.

As we can see the benefits can be felt throughout your company if you use corporate hospitality within its marketing strategy. From employees growing in confidence, working closer as a team, spotting that potential manager or even leaving that lasting impression on clients. In the past corporate hospitality was predominantly seen as ‘corporate entertaining’ but has very much progressed nowadays as an important part of a marketing and business strategy.

Author Bio: Shelby Neat is the Marketing Executive at Team Tactics, providers of corporate hospitality and events. Shelby enjoys reading, walks on the beach and attending sporting events.

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