How Going Back To School Impacts Your Career

You’re graduated, a free person who doesn’t have to deal with school any longer. Go on, spread your wings and dive head first into the deep end that is a career.

Sadly, transitioning from school to work doesn’t always go smoothly. There is too much competition and everyone is too political to make an impact. So, careers can stagnate as only the fittest survive. Sorry, but if you’re not willing to play the game, then you aren’t in this category.

Learning how to be ruthless may seem like the answer to your prayers, but the truth is that education is the key. Here’s why going back to class is invaluable.

Stronger CV

The aim of the game is to graduate with a new qualification. Institutions such as Avado Learning try to ensure their students pass with flying colours. Never underestimate the importance of an additional string to your bow. Peers are similar because everyone has the same skill set these days. An undergraduate’s degree is a staple of offices around the world. By enrolling in a course that boosts your CV, you can use education to leave your colleagues in the dust. Sometimes, a qualification such as health and safety monitor is all it takes to appear on the management’s radar.

More Experience

If there is one thing that employers value more than grades, it’s experience. Recently, there has been a decline in graduates who are workplace-ready. Their CV says one thing but the reality is that they lack core skills such as the ability to work alone. As a result, companies look for previous roles to try and mitigate the potential for damage. There are easier ways to gain experience yet going back to school kills two birds with one stone. Thanks to the work element of the module, it is a great learning curve while also acquiring new info on a daily basis.

Better Contacts

If you have ever heard the phrase “it’s who you know, not what you know,” then you’ll understand the need for contacts. Sometimes, it isn’t enough to work hard and keep your head down. Unfortunately, other people impact your career progression. To ensure it is positive, it’s essential to build a rapport with people. That way, you do them a favour and they give you one back in return. Before that can happen, employees need a contact base, people they can reach out to for help. School is a hub for phone numbers and email addresses.

Doesn’t Get In The Way

There’s no need to take three years off. Nowadays, university courses are available online or at night. The importance of this is invaluable. Not only can you take advantage of all of the above, but you can do it without missing a step. Sure, it’s plenty of hard work and it’s time-consuming, yet it’s worth the hassle for a career boost. Promotions don’t fall in people’s laps – you have to make sacrifices to climb the corporate ladder.

Okay, are you heading back to the classroom any time soon?

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