How Going Green Could Save Your Business Money

More often than not when it comes to business, the focus is on the cheapest option, not necessarily the one that is best. What if you could have the best of both worlds, though? With so much attention on ways families should be going green, the business world is following much of the same pattern. And best of all? It turns out the cheaper options are, more often than not, the right ones for the environment.

Encouraging your company to go green will not only have great benefits for your business but also does your part for the environment. You can’t argue with that, can you? So, it’s finally time to drop the excuses and embrace change. Your bank balance, and, more importantly, your planet will thank you for it.

Change Up Your Waste Process

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that, currently, your business has a couple of all-purpose skips out the back. Am I right? The reason for this is that it just seems to be the most convenient way of disposing of waste. But is it really? No, I don’t think so.

Of course, you should try to reduce your waste as much as possible, like cutting back on paper. But for the times that you don’t have a choice, you should consider alternatives. Wait and Load collections can save time and money when compared to the conventional skip.

Use Energy Saving Bulbs

Aren’t the costs of running a business already high enough without forking out more than you have to on energy bills? A massive portion of your profits is eaten away by unnecessary energy use. Think about it. You’ve got an entire office block full of people. There are dozens of computers sucking up power all day long. The lights are blaring throughout the day. It costs you a proverbial arm and leg.

There really isn’t any reason that you shouldn’t change up to more eco-friendly bulbs. It won’t take long for your staff to get used to the change in lighting, but you’ll spot a massive difference in your figures. Don’t believe me? Just give it a try and see for yourself.

Encourage Staff to Car Share

How many of your staff drive to work by themselves? Probably most of them. Isn’t that a colossal waste of energy? And guess what, it costs the earth big time. You should try to incorporate a scheme that sees your staff sharing lifts to and from work. How can you achieve that? By implementing a charge for your company parking spaces.

But won’t that cause unrest? Possibly, which is why you offset that with company-wide initiatives. Reward your employees for sharing their cars or, better yet, cycling to work. You’ll be surprised by how many of them start to embrace the change. And that’s going to spell good news for your business and the environment.

There is a whole host of ways your business can engage an eco-friendly culture, and these are just the beginning. Don’t stop there – I’m positive you can take the initiative and find more ways for your business to go green.

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