How Google Analytics Can Boost Your Business

Marketing comes in many different forms. You can pay for adverts on TV, in newspapers or magazines and not really have any idea of how successful they have been. You can advertise online, through your website, social media platforms and various other methods and tools such as Google Analytics will record where the viewer has come from as well as lots of other information.

Most people will log into Google Analytics at the end of the day just to see is that days performance has been better than the day before. They may look at the graphs as they look attractive, but many people do not know what they mean, or how to use them to boost their business.

Look At Your Competitors

The benchmarking screen, which you can read about at, lets you look at the performance of your competitors. It might not be totally accurate as they may not be using Google Analytics, but it will give you some idea of how they are faring compared to you.

By looking at how much time viewers spend on your site and how much they spend on a competitors site will let you see if you need to make changes to try and alter that situation.

If you have not got a clue how to read and understand the information Google Analytics supplies, you should call someone with the experience and knowledge you need, such as The information they, and companies like them, provide can be a huge help in providing you with the information you need to promote your business in the right places and targeted at the best audience.

For instance, you can use the map overlay feature to find out where most of your visitors are from. Because you are in the UK does not mean that is where most of your viewers are and this part of the tool will give that information. It could be that your product attracts a lot of attention in the US or Australia for example and that the home market is pretty quiet.

Which browsers Are Your Customers Using?

You might have all the latest technology for your business where computers are concerned, but that does not mean your customers do.  Google Analytics can let you know which browsers are being used to view your site, and if it is not compatible with one.

If just as an example, your website is not compatible with Safari, you could be losing an awful lot of business, and that is something that should be corrected without delay.

Google also looks at why people do not stay on your site for long, and if you see that people tend to exit from one of your pages rather quickly, you should look at changing the content to make it more appealing.

All this information that Google gathers is used to determine your place in the search engine results rankings. To get more people to your site, don’t forget to use keywords for search engine optimisation, then all the information you get from Google Analytics will look even better.

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