How Image Conscious Is Your Business?

Branding is almost everything for many businesses in each and every modern business. Take a moment to inspect the businesses at the top of the game. They are continually finding ways to refute customer perception from the negative to the positive. Each new product is not only something added to their branding line, but an advertisement in itself. For example, let’s say you go into business to sell tea tree oil lotions. Many would start by marketing the healing properties and health benefits that come from using a product like this.

But that’s hardly where it stops. From there, they might discuss how environmentally conscious they have been while developing this product, and what actions they’ll take (perhaps a small percentage of donations per sales.) in order to rectify an issue they’ve raised. Is this an insincere marketing effort? No, at least not always. But does it help with a business image? Absolutely, almost overwhelmingly so.

Consumers want to make smart purchasing decisions, but they also want to do so with convenience, and without making an unreasonable amount for the privilege. Thankfully, if your business is a little more image conscious, you may be able to provide that solution for them:

Social Media

Social media habits are important to refine. Your business needs to understand that any presence online will refer back to your reputation. There are businesses out there that seem to throw caution to the wind where that’s concerned – take Wendy’s for example. However, behind the scenes that are a dedicated team of social media experts taking the time to craft each tweet, to ensure the humor cannot be misinterpreted, and that each post will have a purpose to it. You may decide to use your best judgement when doing this yourself, but it’s far more profound to use a social media agency to optimize your results, and to ensure your online presence can never be misinterpreted.


The businesses we appreciated are those that care about us, or at least seemingly do so. Those who thank the customers for the routine participation in the story of the business, to throw events or to show up at conventions furthering the innovation in that select industry, or perhaps to run competitions, celebrating your business and your audience with silly, fun and purposeful events can help you add a little levity and humor to the serious and often dreary art of business practices.


Finding a purpose can be a great method of improving your image through and through. You may state something lofty as your goal – such as ensuring no one has to eat low-quality vegan food again. You may decide to wish authenticity to your product line from a country of origin, or perhaps figure out ways to empower your audience and actually help people. The purpose of your business will permeate its reputation. It will be the by product of your selling habits, something that increases in competency over time, giving you the perfect platform to enjoy your best efforts.

With these tips, your brand is sure to be much more image conscious than it might have been previously.

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