How Improving Security Can Limit Your Company Losses

There are number of ways that businesses can incur loss, not least through financial transactions as well as the theft or misappropriation of physical goods from the office and warehouse premises.

Maintaining reasonably tight security is a major issue for all SMEs, not least because of the up-front cost involved. Including provisions such as the right cyber security measures and limiting visitor and staff access can help avoid losses that could have a damaging effect on short and long term business operations.

Less Than Half SMEs Have ID Cards

According to research by Digital ID, nearly 60% of businesses opt simply for traditional measures such as security cameras and locks and often these are not in operation while the office is open for the day. Only 41% of businesses have something more substantial like ID cards in place that can help with better security in the workplace and prevent loss of valuable data or equipment. It’s a surprising statistic when you consider that producing in-house ID cards for staff and visitors has never been so easy and affordable.

Particularly if you are a business that provides physical goods, the chances are that you have suffered losses in this area already. Introducing more robust security measures such as ID cards for staff and visitors can ensure that this loss is kept to a minimum. Card IDs are far more advanced nowadays and can include some valuable extra security measures that would certainly benefit any small business.

Preventing Duplicate ID Cards

One issue is the possibility of cards being duplicated, something that is simple to do if you have the appropriate template and an ID card printer. An ID card that includes a unique card stamp can mean that each one printed is easily identifiable and not reproducible.

For when higher security measures are needed you can also include a holographic design that prevents counterfeiting. Products such as Datacard SD460 provide this at a low cost for businesses that want to ensure their ID card provision for both staff and visitors is secure by implementing a tactile impression on the card. Another way of producing ID cards that cannot be easily replicated is including a watermark. Magicard uses a HoloKote mark that can be customised for a particular business and helps retain high levels of security for any workplace environment.

Making ID Cards Visible

The key to good ID card security is having the right product in place and making sure that they are easily visible on the person. Getting staff used to the idea of having their ID card showing at all times can be a problem but providing simple lanyards and badge clips makes life easier and ensures everyone engages with any new security strategy.

According to Digital ID nearly 60% of businesses say they would be willing to spend as much as £10,000 on security. Producing a staff and visitor ID card strategy could well help prevent losses while keeping everyone safe in the work environment and at a cost that won’t significantly impact the budget.

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