How Marketing Technology is Changing With the Times

Market research is a seriously valuable tool for any company that wants to succeed in the world of business. It allows a company to gather important information on their potential and existing consumers as well as the market they are competing in. Thanks to market research one can find ways to gain an edge over the competition as well as determining lucrative gaps in the market. However, in recent years the world of market research has undergone some major changes, the biggest of these being the advent of mobile market research.

Due to rapid advances in technology more and more consumers are becoming reliant on portable devices rather than traditional computer systems. In fact, the number of mobile phones around already exceeds that of the world’s population. 51% of people who use the internet also have a smartphone, and experts predict that by 2020 the mobile phone will be the most popular device used to connect to the internet. In order for market research to still be precise and effective it has to evolve with the times and therefore there are now a myriad of companies that specialise in conducting online surveys through the fast and effective medium of mobile market research.

While desktop and laptop computers are still widely used nowadays there is no denying that people have fallen head over heels for mobile technology. Traditional computers just seem a bit outdated alongside snazzy smartphones and tablets. In some cases we can even see major computer manufacturers desperately trying to keep up with their portable rivals by implementing touchscreen technology into their computer screens or by, say, introducing a laptop that can be turned into a tablet. Mobile technology is definitely where it’s at, and conducting market research using this medium has numerous benefits.

The fact is that people are rarely without their phones – there is even a term called ‘nomophobia’ which describes a fear of being apart from ones phone. This societal tendency allows for surveys to be conducted at pretty much any time since the consumer is essentially always connected to the research service. It also means that research can take place in the heat of the moment, which often yields very valuable information. Market research can also be conducted through the use of easily accessible in-phone apps, meaning that the consumer is free to fill out a survey whenever is convenient, such as during the daily commute to and from work. It also eliminates the middle man since, rather than being asked questions by a researcher over the phone, the consumer interacts directly with the questions being asked. The most annoying aspects of answering surveys are thus eliminated, and because people tend to enjoy using their phones, they will likely be a lot more enthusiastic in responding to mobile market research. It is also a good way to reach younger, more technologically savvy consumers who would usually dismiss participating in a survey. The combination of a more convenient, enjoyable and personal experience means that mobile market research is infinitely more appealing than its traditional alternatives.

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