How secure is your WiFi?

Providing fast and reliable WiFi to customers is a must for many businesses these days. Whether people are enjoying a drink in a bar or cafe, searching for products on the high street, relaxing in their hotel rooms or even taking a stroll in the park, they want to be able to access the web. Unsurprisingly, consumers are also keen to benefit from secure internet connections. Highlighting this fact, research conducted by Cisco has revealed that of non-public WiFi users, a quarter cited security concerns as one of their top reasons for not using the services. This means if you want to ensure your public WiFi lives up to your customers’ expectations, you must take the issue of security seriously.

Choose a trustworthy provider

The most important issue to consider is the service provider you choose. If you’re savvy in your selection, you can rest assured your business will benefit from a secure WiFi. Public WiFi specialists such as Airangel go out of their way to offer bespoke solutions that are not only beneficial for businesses but also safe for users.

Meanwhile, if you’re keen to opt for a package that enables you to gather web-browsing information about your customers, make sure you opt for one that means all the information collected is provided to you and only you. Customers don’t want to feel as though their data is being shared by multiple parties.

Make sure your customers are clued in

Your customers must also do their bit to keep themselves safe online. For example, it’s important that they select the right WiFi network. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for people to set up networks labelled as ‘Free WiFi’ and so on in a bid to intercept data. To ensure your customers steer clear of these traps, make sure they know which WiFi network to connect to. Putting signs up can help, and make sure you staff members are clued up so that they can provide any necessary guidance.

Using branded networks also helps. This makes it easier for people to identify your WiFi.

Well worth the effort

Boosting the security of your firm’s public WiFi network may take a little time, effort and potentially expenditure. However, this should prove to be a savvy investment. After all, it will enhance your customers’ web browsing experiences. Ultimately, this could be good news for your company’s bottom line. It will also help to protect your reputation.


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