How technology is helping start up manufacturers

How technology is helping start up manufacturers

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and it promises to unlock billions of pounds in additional revenue for UK manufacturers. But, how is this possible? And, how can this help start-ups?

New technological advances, including machine automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and highly developed SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)systems are enabling manufacturers to be more productive than ever, with costs predicted to plummet by as much as £53 billion. The result of which could pass on £2 billion of savings straight to consumers, according to a study by Accenture.

SCADA is very much at the forefront of the revolution. It is incredibly intelligent and can introduce unimaginable efficiencies into the manufacturing sector. The networks used as part of the system are able to improve the transfer and distribution of information across organisations, which allow businesses to continually enhance workflows and refine their operations.

These new technologies are providing new investors and start-ups with the ability to harness real-time data. It’s also allowing them to utilise a robotic workforce that can operate on a continuous schedule with manufacturing processes optimised via constantly updated feeds. Also, these advanced analytics and predictive AIs can improve the rate at which companies both identify, test and launch new products. What’s more, with more informed product development methodologies, manufacturers will already know the likeliness of success.

It is these improvements that are helping new businesses shorten product time-to-market while ensuring consistent quality that is 25% better than businesses that have outdated systems and processes.

With just 13% of current businesses realising the potential, there is considerable growth potential in this domain.

Time is of the essence

Money does not have to be a concern. People are looking to invest, so whether start ups look for private investment, or look at crowd funding opportunities through the likes of or, there is money to help with the initial set up. There are also numerous Government-backed business funding opportunities that are especially aimed at manufacturers and start ups who’re looking to innovate. Here’s a great list of grants and funding options >

An independent study suggests that the UK is falling behind when it comes to adopting transformative technologies. As such, it is vital businesses look towards investing in these new technologies to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of the global manufacturing industry.

The US is currently leading the way when it comes to evolved SCADA systems. They’re investing significantly in a bid to remain at the forefront. Germany is also heavily investing in SCADA, leveraging the technology specifically within their energy production sector.

In the UK, SCADA remains relatively underutilised. Therefore, the transformative potential is rather significant.

For start-ups, invest upfront in these new technologies will give them the best chance of realising significant ROI.

Discover even more benefits of SCADA here >

This article was written by Clint Johnson, Founder and Managing Director of Control Freaks Ltd, a electrical engineering firm specialising in the manufacturing industry.

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