How to build long-term relationships with your customers

Customers are important to any business. They buy products, spread the word about your service and help you pay the bills. But how do you build a long-term relationship with your customers that inspires loyalty and contributes to keeping your business on the rise? Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways of doing so.

Firstly: Build your Network

The network you create is a lifeline and can include business colleagues, suppliers, professional acquaintances, contractors and even your family and friends. All of these contacts are potential customers waiting for you to connect with, but problems arise when you attempt to convert these contacts into customers. It takes time, planning and requires long-term investments. Building a network will pay off in the long term.

Secondly: Communication

 Communication is key to a good customer relation. Do it quickly and often. Most people do not remember the one off meeting you had with them. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is coming back from a networking event and not engaging with the contacts you’ve met. If you take the time to make the connection immediately, you’ll be able to inspire potential customers to check you’re your business. This can be as simple as an email, or as complex as a mailing list or newsletter informing them of your recent activity. A study by American Express found that 61% of customers care more about customer service than economic stability, and will spend 9% more when the company provides it.

This can be especially crucial when it comes to long-term development. People may not need to use your service straight away, so adding them to a mailing list will help you stay in their minds. They will also feel a general connection of good will to your business and, when the time comes, they will choose you for the job.

Thirdly: Social Media

Pew Research Centre has been tracking the number of Americans that use social media, and have found that there has been a steady rise in usage. The report suggests that there are over 224,220,330 people regularly using social media. Using social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram will allow customers to track your progression as a business, and means you’ll be able to keep them updated and provide them with information when you launch new products and services. You could even go a step further and take up a few business courses at Simetral, which will help develop your analytical skills, so you will be able to track activity on your social media and create content that suits the needs of your clients.

Fourthly: Reward Loyal Customers

Your most profitable customers are your repeat customers. In order to compound this, you have to stay in touch and provide them with something of value in exchange for the time they invested in your business. It doesn’t need to be too much: a small discount, or a coupon, just a little incentive to keep them with you.  Additionally, it’s worthy to note that 81% of customers use a company again after receiving excellent customer service.

Fifthly: Your Loyal Customers 

Your customers are your best salespeople. They are the ones using your business for their own gain and, if you play your cards right, they will start adverting your business for you. So spend the time to build your network and do the follow-up with them. Make them feel valued, and they will return the favour.

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