How to Ensure a Foolproof Product Launch

How to Ensure a Foolproof Product Launch

The last couple of weeks before the launch of a product can be really stressful. You’ve worked so hard on making it as perfect as possible, and spent so many resources on spreading the word; with so much at stake, it simply needs to be a success.

Luckily, there are a few tried and tested methods can will not only ensure that everyone knows about the launch of your great product – but also that is has a much better chance at being a hit in the market.

Here is a handful of expert tips on giving your product the kind of launch it deserves so that you finally can reap the benefits of your hard work.

First: Do offline marketing

The first thing you need to think about is that people need to be exposed to your new product both online and offline. First of all, you wouldn’t dream about launching a new product without doing some thorough online marketing long in advance of releasing it.

Yet, face-to-face contact is always the best form of marketing, and will stand a better chance of broadening your network.

You can do the offline marketing in several ways as well; attend a few networking events where you get to chat to others about your new product, for example, so that you can build a network as well as pitching your new product.

See if you’re able to sum up what your product is all about in five sentences or less, by the way, and think about it as the elevator pitch of your new product.

As well as online marketing

Other, and equally important ways of marketing, is to do it online. In order to do this properly, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of SEO, digital design, social media, and even email marketing. If you’re not sure about all of this, you should at least hire some professional SEO services to take care of it for you – that’s how important it is.

When you manage to catch people’s attention about the new product, you’ll have to make sure that you’re making a good impression once they land on your website. Otherwise, it won’t take long before they click their way back out.

A stunning website can do a lot for you, and you need to make sure that it looks good enough for them to hang around a while and navigate the site with ease. Have a look at this site if you’d like to know more about web design and how to make it as easy as possible for the visitors.

This will also help you to build the kind of community around your product and brand that can make you prosper a bit faster. Communities may gather around a common cause or a brand that speaks to their identity; have a look at this article if you’d like to learn more about building and establishing a brand, by the way, so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Know your customers

Needless to say, you need to know exactly who your ideal customer is. This is something you should put some time and effort into for each product you have, but you don’t need more than one ideal customer. Think about the kind of stuff that matters; their age, income, interests, location, gender, relationship – and what kind of problems they might encounter during their everyday lives.

Say, if you’re selling baby products to make the lives of new parents a bit easier, you can quickly imagine the type of problems they’d be having – but this doesn’t mean that their age, income, location, and interests would be the same.

With a high-end product, you’ll be selling to a completely different segment of parents than you would when selling a more affordable product and would, of course, need to think of a different buyer persona.

Know your product

A point that goes hand-in-hand with that elevator pitch above is that you need to know what kind of problem your product is solving. This is important for both the offline and the online marketing; always stay focused on the who and the why, so that you have a thorough understanding of what your product or service can do to help others – as well as who it can actually help.

It’s not just a good idea to have this for when you need to quickly summarise what your launch is all about when talking to someone at that networking event, though, as a quick and succinct description should be your go-to version of the product during all of the marketing aspects.

It will help to catch and keep new customers’ attention as they’re able to grasp in a couple of seconds what you’re selling them and how it can help them.

Next: Ask for feedback

An important part of making sure that a product you’ve put so much energy into is getting the kind of success it deserves, is to ask your customers for feedback. A good way to do this is to, firstly, team up with a few influencers and give them an early release-sample.

While you may not feel ready to unleash it on the market quite yet, the benefits of first getting feedback which you can use to tweak the product and make it better will far outweigh any disadvantages of doing this.

If the feedback is somewhat negative, you’ve saved yourself the catastrophe of launching a less-than-perfect product – and now you’re able to fix whatever the early testers were unhappy with. Just take the feedback to heart, fix and tweak the product, and let the ones who gave you the feedback know that you’ve listened to them.

Now you provide them with the new and improved version of the product, lean back, and wait for all the positive feedback to pour in.


Launching a product is everything but easy. You’ll have a lot on your hands in terms of doing the right amount of marketing, gathering feedback, and tweaking your product to work for the customers – but it will all be worth it, in the end.

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