How to ensure your business is health and safety compliant

How to ensure your business is health and safety compliant

When you run a business, you need to make sure that it is health and safety compliant. However, it’s not as easy as keeping a first aid kit to hand. This article will teach you how to stay compliant. 

 Create a health and safety policy

Every business has control measures in place to make sure that any hazards are clearly identified and addressed. The first step towards making sure you are compliant is having a policy in place, and ensuring that everyone who works for your business knows about it. This needs to be an overarching policy that can cover everything from the correct use of PPE (personal protective equipment) to the prevention of bullying within the workplace.

 Provide suitable workplace facilities

Employees are more likely to be safe and healthy if they have good facilities. Good lighting, comfortable seating, adequate ventilation and well-stocked kitchens can affect your employees’ health and productivity. These factors play a part in making sure that you stay compliant with current legislation.

 Buy any equipment you need

You need to make sure that you purchase the right equipment and that it is correctly maintained. For example, keeping a first aid kit at hand is imperative if you are working with hazardous materials. If your building contains office machinery or other heavy equipment, such as fridges or forklift trucks, then you need to employ a competent person in the safe use of them. You will be able to find some of the equipment you need at

 Organize suitable insurance

You need to ensure that you have sufficient insurance in place so you can pay for any damages caused by accidents at work. You may also want to take out public liability, customer indemnity and employer’s liability insurance to cover yourself against third-party claims. It is important that your business is well covered from all angles if it needs to be shut down for repairs, or for any other reason.

 Appoint someone to help you with your duties 

You will need to appoint a suitable person who can help you with your health and safety  obligations. This could be someone on your senior management team, or it might be one of your employees. You also need to make sure that you provide them with training if necessary.

 Manage the risks your business faces

You need to have a clear idea of the risks your business faces and how you can manage them. This will help you make sure that everyone in your team, from front-line workers to senior managers, understands what they should be doing in an emergency. It is also important for you to stay aware of any changes which might arise, such as a new health and safety law.

 Provide training and information

You need to make sure that everyone who works in your business has been given appropriate training. If you employ new employees, they should be trained before they start their jobs. You can use an online first aid course for this purpose. You will also need to provide information and training on specific issues, such as the risks associated with working in certain areas. You can do this through newsletters or other resources.

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