How to get more traffic to your business website

It can often be easy to build you business website and establish your business online. However what is not so easy is actually driving traffic to your business website. Traffic is not something that is going to come to your website overnight and can often take a long t time to build up a steady stream of traffic. Once you have regular traffic coming to your website though it is a great thing and can bring you a lot of sales online.

I have be running blogs for quite a while now and driving traffic to them uses the same principles as driving traffic to your business website and therefore in this article i am going to explain how you can improve the amount of traffic coming to your business website.

Social Media

I personally love social media when it is being used in conjunction with a website and i know that it can drive a load of regular visitors to your website. Through Twitter and Facebook you can share pages on your website and people are hopefully going to click them. What i like about these is that you can easily broadcast offers and updates to a mass amount of people at one time.

You can easily find followers on Twitter yourself by starting to follow people and a lot of them will follow you back but also by placing links to your social media accounts on your website then visitors to your website can easily follow you if they want to keep up to date.


Search Engine Optimizing your website is key if you want to appear in search engine results. For most websites a good percentage of their traffic comes from search engines when people are searching for their keyword and by not search engine optimizing your website you are going to be missing out on a large amount of potential traffic. Many people like to pay for search engine optimization to stand the best chance in appearing highest in Google searches but this can also be done yourself.

There are a lot of different factors that are going to affect your search engine rankings. Firstly the amount of backlinks that your website has is important, the more links that are going into your website then the more important your website is considered by search engines. Secondly your website needs to be keyword reach; a lot of text with your keywords in are what search engines like to see.

Be Active in forums and online communities

By being active in online communities you can get yourself known in places where your audience already hangs out and you can usually include a link back to your website. By doing this you can get a backlink to your website but also establish yourself in your niche and by being established and trusted then more people are going to be willing to come to your website and buy your products.

Guest blog

Guest blogging is a great way to improve your websites reputation by appealing to online niche communities and improve your websites search engine optimization. By posting guest articles in blogs then you can get high quality valuable links back to your website from an authoritative domain in your niche which is great for your SEO and as well get yourself noticed in your niche.

Post your website everywhere

There are loads of places both online and offline where you can post your website URL and you should be posting it everywhere. Even just putting your website address in your email signature will mean that someone is going to click it but there are loads of places that you can post your website URL including: business cards, website directories, social media accounts, leaflets and advertisements.

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