How To Get That Five-Star Rating For Your Hotel Business

All hotel owners will want to get the highest star rating possible for their establishments. However, achieving that goal isn’t as easy as most people think. So, we’re going to spend some time offering advice today. If you implement some of the suggestions on this page, you should find yourself on the road to success. Even so, you’ll still have to perform more research and try new concepts for the best results. It’s not always possible to gain a five-star rating, but you should get close with this guidance.


Improve your bathrooms

All 5* hotels offer the utmost luxury when it comes to their bathrooms. The people who assess establishments and determine their rating will check that area first. Luckily, there is a cheap and efficient manner to impress them. Believe it or not, there are companies out there today that provide the best-quality bathroom pods ever created. They are designed specifically for the hotel business, and many five-star editions are available. As they are constructed off-site, you don’t have to worry about lots of mess and disturbance. In fact, it’s possible to install the pods in a couple of days with minimal disruption. So, perhaps that’s something you should consider?

Offer top-quality cuisine

Food is important if you want to attract the high-flyers and people willing to pay extra for luxury. Nearly all 5* hotels now house a restaurant or two run by celebrity chefs. So, maybe it’s time to get in touch with Gordon Ramsey and present him with a business proposal? In most instances, the celebrity chef won’t work in the kitchen. However, they will become responsible for employing culinary experts. At the end of the day, the restaurant uses their brand. That means their reputation is at stake if anyone serves inferior meals. It’s a fantastic way to make some extra money without having to work too hard. Also, it’ll help to impress the assessors when they come to determine your rating.

Provide first-class service and amenities

If you want to achieve 5* status, you’ll have to provide a first-class service to all guests at your hotel. You’ll also need to offer a range of different amenities. Perhaps you’d like to create a massage room and employ a professional to help guests unwind? Maybe you’d like to install a private pool or something of that nature? Whatever you decide, it’s vital that your staff attends customer service courses. It’s an investment you can’t avoid if you want to get the best reviews. At the end of the day, all five-star establishments treat their guests like royalty. You’ll have to follow suit if you want to build a good reputation.

Now you know how to move towards that 5* rating, we hope you will make a start this year. Depending on how much cash you have to spend, it could take many years before you achieve your goal. However, you should keep working and trying new ideas until you find something that tips the scales of balance in your favour. Most assessors are picky when it comes to handing out such prestigious awards. So, you face an uphill struggle if you ignore the advice on this page.

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