How To Give An Amazing Presentation

How To Give An Amazing Presentation

Let’s face it, no matter how professional you are, or how long you’ve been in the industry for, something that will always speed your heart rate up and make you question yourself at least once or twice, is knowing you are going to have to give a presentation. It’s a scary thought standing up in front of the team, commanding that you have their full attention, only to proceed in a direction or idea that you’ve been working on within the business. And yet, it’s important that you realise that it’s also a very big deal for you, and this may just open a box of opportunities for either your career, or your whole business, so it’s vital that you pull yourself together and give the best presentation that you can.

Here’s how.

Speak with your body

When working in business, one thing that you tend to pick up rather quickly, is how your body can say so much without even the need for words. The higher you look up the ladder, the more of a presence you will come across, so regardless of what your current role is, depending on how you project yourself will determine the outcome of the reaction you make like explains. So nervous or not – hold your head high, chin up, back straight, and also be aware of the eye contact you give people. Just because you’re talking to multiple people at one time doesn’t mean they don’t all require your eye contact at some point – this is what keeps them drawn in and engaged with you.

Create a visual picture

The more detail that you can give at a presentation – the more people will want to engage and connect with you because you were able to make their minds stimulated. So for example, if you’re talking about a specific area or place, then don’t just try and remind everyone of the environment by the use of describing words – show it to them and create a visual picture, not just a mental one. With new technology and services that are available to us, you can now use sites like that give you full control over map locations, measurements, and imagery that you can then print off to give everyone the perfect view.   

End by answering potential questions

Know that once your presentation is done, there may be people with some questions or enquiries about what you’ve just said, so always give them the opportunity to ask these – especially while they’re all still fresh in people’s minds. This isn’t just so they leave with an answer to their question – it can also be very insightful for you too, as they may bring things up that you hadn’t even thought about yet, and while this may throw you off balance a little, it points you in the right direction and teaches you a thing or two for next time.

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