How To Give The Perfect Presentation

One of the more terrifying aspects of business is public speaking. There is always a presentation to give, or a speech to be made. Yet, it can turn even the most confident people to stone. Speaking in front of an audience, large or small, is no easy feat. Some are born with the natural ability. But, for those who weren’t, don’t worry! The tricks and secrets can be taught. We were just like you. Nervous, stuttering, and had no idea what to do with our hands! But, we took steps to improve our presentation skills. Whether it’s a speech at a corporate event or a business proposal, we’re here to help.  Here’s how.

Remember chunks and concepts, not word-by-word

You’ll notice how the best speakers have a natural flow to the presentations. That’s because they’re not reading a script. They haven’t memorised passages to quote verbatim. Instead, they’ve got a rough idea of the structure in the heads. They’ve got the main talking points in front of them. After that, it’s all about trusting your own voice. It simply takes practice, but trust yourself, and the words will come flowing out.

Start with a bang

It is notoriously difficult to keep everyone’s attention during a long presentation. Especially if you’re working with dense subject material. One thing we find works very well is starting the presentation with a bang. Start with some shocking facts or figures. Don’t be afraid to start with the conclusion. Make a big, bold statement right at the beginning. It’s the only way to capture the imagination, and make sure people are locked in from the start.

Use images and visual aids

If you’ve ever sat listening to a presentation, you’ll know it’s a lot to take in. Especially if there are facts and figures involved. Our brains can’t process lots of numbers thrown at us at the same time. Instead, use some visual aids to support your speech. Try using a powerpoint projection to bring up key points, and support your arguments. Leave everyone with a takeaway sheet to remind them of the important parts.

Body language

Getting your body language right is one of the trickiest aspects of public speaking. Done right, and your hand movements can really add to the presentation. But, if you’re nervous and twitchy, your hands will give it all away! Often, we find that good public speakers like to use lecterns and pulpits. The ability to stand tall behind something gives you an immediate sense of empowerment. It’s also a good place to put your hands while speaking.

Tell a story, and leave them with a resounding thought

Capturing your audience’s attention with a good start is the easy part. The hard part is keeping them locked in all the way through. The best way to do it is by using a story. Stories are easy to follow, and keep us engaged throughout. Finally, leave them with one compelling or resounding thought. Make sure they go away thinking about what you said.

Follow these tips, and you’ll master the art of public speaking. The only other cure? Practice! And, lots of it.

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