How to Increase Profits With a Well Designed Store

The 21st century shopper is a savvy customer indeed. Not only do they want to be able to quickly and easily find the products they’re looking for, they want their shopping experience to be a fun and enjoyable experience. And, what’s more, the modern shopper will most likely be wise to the ways of overt advertising, both on and offline.

All of these factors have made it increasingly important for store owners to create a memorable shopping experience for their customers, which will both get them through the door and encourage them to return in the future.

Increasing Your Visibility

Visibility is a key factor in getting your customers to visit your store, and can be achieved by improving both your internal and external advertising. Internal advertising refers to things like banners, signs and window displays – anything which makes your store more noticeable and attractive to passing trade. External advertising refers to the process of targeting your customers where they already are, by placing adverts on TV, in newspapers, or on social media. Both tactics can be invaluable, if implemented correctly.

Make Yourself Attractive

Customers will be turned off if they find your retail space to be inaccessible or uninviting, and will not return if they find shopping with you to be a confusing or unpleasant experience. Therefore it’s vital that you make your store as inviting and pleasant as you can, by streamlining your sales process, and by investing in improving the design and layout of your store. This will encourage customers to spend more time in your store, and will help to reduce waiting times and congestion at peak shopping times.

Maximising Your Store’s Layout

Shoppers tend to be very methodical about how they shop, and well thought out store layouts have been designed to reflect this. By designing your store to direct their attention to your most important items and promotions, you will increase the likelihood of your being able to up-sell certain items. For example, dump bins placed strategically at the front of your high street store, or next to the till, will increase the likelihood of your customers making a purchase from them.

Always Leave Your Customers Wanting More

Part of designing a great looking store is making it a pleasant place for your customers to be in, even if they’re not particularly interested in shopping. Many retailers have done this by integrating social spaces into their stores, in the form of cafes or computer stations. But even if you don’t have the capabilities to serve coffee to your customers, you can still create a space in which they enjoy spending a little time. Great customer service, beautiful interior design and interesting music are all ways in which retailers are able to create inviting spaces for their customers, which will see them returning again and again.

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