How to make the most of a tax tribunal hearing

Once the first crucial month of your tax appeal is complete and a detailed letter with supporting evidence has been sent to HMRC, a review will follow and ultimately determine how far the dispute is likely to go.

A positive outcome sees the dispute settled there and then, preferably in the shortest amount of time as possible, and of course in your favour with a deserved tax rebate. Any other outcome, however, potentially begins a whole new phase in the process – the tax tribunal. So just how do you prepare for unfamiliar territory and make the most of this?

Sort and send documents

Tax tribunal hearings are designed to bring a coherent structure to the whole dispute process rather than documents constantly flying back and forth with little impact. Thankfully, the only document preparation required here is for you to send all letters, accounts, invoices and forms relevant to your appeal case to HMRC prior to the hearing and to receive similar documentation from them which you then must have at the hearing with you.

Outline your questions

As part of your case presentation at the hearing, you have the unique opportunity to publicly ask questions to the tax tribunal panel and representatives from HMRC. The importance of this opportunity cannot be stressed enough. Carefully plan your questions and use the documents sent from HMRC to highlight any issues you may have otherwise been unaware of. If someone is presenting your case on your behalf, ensure the whole procedure is practised thoroughly.

Call witnesses

Further to the official documents that you believe fully support your appeal, you are entitled to bring witnesses to the hearing as part of the presentation of your case. Again, if it’s possible in your situation to call a witness, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Someone verbally and publicly supporting your statement and questioned by the tribunal panel could potentially give you a huge advantage, and a significant one at that. All that’s needed is the final point.

Seek professional help

Possibly the most important part of it all. It’s no secret that the further you advance into a tax dispute, the more complicated the circumstances and surrounding legalities become. Seeking financial help with this from qualified professionals is hugely beneficial and ensures nothing that lies ahead will come as a shock. They will study all documentation, fully prepare you and any witnesses, and, most importantly, give you the best chance of tax tribunal success.

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