How to minimise traffic noise at work

Those whose office or business is next to busy highways or in the downtown areas are often disturbed by the constant noise due to the area. It can often be difficult to conduct important business matters with the constant sound of traffic especially during the busiest time of the day. Good news for business owners facing this dilemma, this article explains the importance of acoustic barriers and how do they perform in the real world. This way you can minimize the traffic noise and maintain a quieter environment while important business deals are being discussed.

Install New Windows

New windows are built to be more soundproof than older models, making it easier to block outside noise that you would normally hear. Installing new windows is one of the most effective ways for you to have a peaceful business environment.

Use a White Noise Machine

While discussing important matters and business deals, it can be challenging to focus with the sound of ambulances and taxis honking outside. Using a white noise machine to block out the traffic and forget about the cars outside has been proven to be effective. White noise machines sound similar to fans and make it easier to drown out any noise that would normally disturb you at work.

Add Echo Barriers on the Property

Echo barriers reduce the impact of noise by absorbing outside sounds and preventing them from penetrating through the walls of your office or deflecting the noise to another area on the property. Acoustic foam is used to absorb as much noise as possible and minimise reflections for an effective way of blocking the sound of traffic. The echo barrier needs to be placed close to the area of noise to ensure that it’s absorbed properly for a long-term solution.

The material that is used in echo barriers is high tech and absorbent with noise without absorbing water, which prevents mildew and mold from developing as it’s used in each season of the year.

Weatherstrip Interior Doors

You can weatherstrip interior doors to provide a seal with high-density foam tape. This will seal the gaps around the perimeter to prevent noise from coming through the entry point. You can also install a solid door instead of using a hallow one to prevent as much noise from coming through doors that lead to the outside.

These are just some of the most effective ways to drown out noise while at work – giving you and your clients the peace you need to focus on important matters at hand.

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