How To Organize Your Business From The Ground Up


As the head of a business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are endless tasks to take care of, and don’t even get us started on the finances! To run an effective business, you need to take charge of the organisation. When the little things are all in their place, the company can run effectively. The best productivity and organizational changes start from the ground up. If you can work efficiently at the lowest levels, you can translate that to the upper echelons. Here’s how to get started.

Organize the office and business premises

It all starts in the office. If your office area runs smoothly, then everyone operates at their best. It’s simple things like understanding where the stationery is stored, and keeping this consistent at all times. The same thing applies in the warehouse where specific shelving will keep things simple and organised. When your employees know exactly where everything is, the business functions more effectively.

Go paperless

You can go one step further in the office, and remove all sources of paper. Excessive amounts of paper creates lots of clutter and disorganization. It piles up on desks, and creates a messy environment. A paperless office means that desks are kept clear, and the working areas are free from clutter. It’s also much softer on the environment, and helps keep costs down. There are no downsides to establishing a paperless office. Start reducing your reliance now, and see how much difference it makes.

Embrace the cloud

In the absence of paper and documents, you’ll need an alternative. It’s time to start adopting cloud technology into your business instead. The cloud will drastically improve productivity and organisation. For starters, all your important documents are stored online. They are then easily accessed and edited by all your employees. Rather than sorting through endless filing cabinets, all the information is just a click away.

Use productivity tools

As well as adopting office-wide initiatives, you should adopt some personal organisational tools. There are some fantastic productivity and organisation apps out there. Each are designed to keep your busy life in order! Start with an app like Evernote, which claims to ‘remember everything’. It’s the perfect place to organise your to-do lists, and take notes when on the go. You should also adopt communal calendars, so that all business events are synced up. It’s an easy way to boost productivity.

Put someone in charge of the finances

You might have noticed that we’ve missed one essential part of the organisation structure. Yes, the finances! Staying on top of your accounts is one of the most essential parts of business organisation. All your incomings and outgoings must be meticulously recorded and collected. At the end of the year, this must all be submitted for tax, and presented in the correct way. We suggest using accounting or bookkeeping software to manage your finances. Of course, you can always hire the professionals too.

With these simple tricks, you’ll find yourself in charge of a super organised and productive company! Have you got any other great organisational tips?

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