How To Stop Your Workers Dozing Off

The hardest part of running a successful company is keeping the cogs turning and the money flowing, because the entire operation depends on the people behind the business face. People, of course, are not cogs. We’re humans with flaws, feelings and only a limited amount of energy. It’s important that you realise this as a business owner if you want to improve the levels of productivity within your organisation, as you might be overlooking workers who are clearly unengaged or exhausted by the mundanity of their work day. Employees may not moan, but this doesn’t mean they’re happy. If you’re wondering how you could better stop your workforce from dozing off, then here are some tips to help you improve their productivity and get the business back on track.

Challenge them

Believe it or not, ‘laziness’ is not always the explanation for boredom. If your employees are engaged or seem to be dozing off at their desk, the answer isn’t always that they were partying too hard the night before or that they just don’t have the brainpower to stay focused. Sometimes, the explanation is that they have the brainpower, but you aren’t making them use it, so they switch off.

You could start to change this by giving any unengaged employees a little more responsibility within the office. This doesn’t mean overwhelming them with work to the point of exhaustion, as repetitive tasks may have been the problem in the first place. Setting new goals or offering them some different work to do, in order to create variety within their work day, might be the answer to switching their brains back on again and getting the very best of your workers.

Liven up the office

Your workers might simply be dozing off on the job because the office environment is unengaging. Grey, dreary walls are not going to breed vibrancy in your worker’s minds. You could look into companies such as Stainless Handrail Systems Ltd for steel or glass railings to create a sleek, modern look across balconies in your office building. Of course, it’s not only the aesthetic which is important here; looks aren’t going to deceive your employees if the environment still fails to engage them.

You need to genuinely be engaging your employees. You should look into updating the seating in the office, because old and uncomfortable office chairs are going to make it very difficult for people to focus. You could also offer fun perks such as a pool table or a TV in the break room so as to give workers a place to relax, socialise and actually have fun when they’re taking a break from work. When they return, maybe they’ll actually appear fresh-faced and alert rather than sombre and uninterested.

Ask for their input

If you’ve employed workers who don’t feel challenged by your business, you should see this as a blessing; it means that some of your employees want to be doing more for the company. You should be asking your disinterested workers about the projects in which they’d like to be involved or any new ideas they’d like to bring to the table. Simply being asked for input will remind your workers that they’re more than robots and their input is valuable.

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