How will points on your license affect Insurance Policies?

Firstly of course it depends upon the punishment for the speeding offence; secondly it depends from insurance provider to insurance provider.

If it is the first time you may be able to take a speed awareness course rather than take a fixed penalty.  A speed awareness course usually takes place at a training venue and costs around £80.  Sitting this 4 hour course will save you receiving any penalty points and of therefore any increase to your insurance premium, if it is your first offence and you have not been offered the opportunity to attend one then you can apply in writing.  If you have already attended a speed awareness course you must wait 3 more years until you can use this opportunity once more.

So long as you have not been speeding too excessive, your punishment should be a £60 fixed penalty fine and 3 points on your licence. Major speeding offences can be hit with a fine of up to £2,500 and an immediate driving ban.  If you are guilty of committing a speeding offence in excess of the speed limit it is best to consult a specialist motoring solicitor to get best advice.

Penalty points remain on your licence for 4 years and some insurance companies will discount the offence after 3 years.  But they still remain on your licence so it is difficult to say how they are viewed by each individual insurance provider.

You must inform your insurance company immediately of a change in circumstance to your licence. Failure to let them know of your points may lead to your insurance being void.

It clearly depends on the insurance provider when it comes to how points on your licence shall effect your insurance premium. Historically the initial 3 penalty points were over looked by the insurance providers when quoting for or renewing a policy.  Now it is reported that your first offence will see increases of around 5%.  This rises quite sharply after the second offence seeing an increase of around 20% and around 30-40% for having 9 9 points on your licence.

Having 12 points on your licence could well lead to a driving ban; if you are close to this and are caught committing a further driving offence it is well worth consulting a professional specialist motoring law firm like Patterson Law.

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