How you can create a great corporate event with selfie frames

How you can create a great corporate event with selfie frames

Organising an exciting business event where everyone can have fun and socialise is often tricky.

Obviously, you want your guests to enjoy themselves, but it’s often difficult to do so when the event appears formal and ‘business-only’. So, what can you do to liven up a corporate gathering?

One way is with selfie frames. These essential party pieces are a fast-rising trend when it comes to organised events — but why are they so popular and how can they benefit your next work party?

One of the most cost-effective forms of entertainment 
At any corporate event, it’s always good to have some type of entertainment — if only to get all members of staff chatting and socialising! However, this costs money. If you’re organising an event on a budget, choosing a few selfie frame templates can help to get everyone mingling without over-spending.

With free customisation and free delivery when you order selfie frames, they’ll account for only a very small part of your company’s budget. That means you can spend more on food and drink to help people have a good time!

Perfect for any corporate gathering
Selfie frames are crowd-pleasers at all events — especially corporate ones where staff might not get too many opportunities to socialise with each other outside of work.

Think they’re more for social gatherings? They aren’t. Selfie frames are great crossover products, aimed at business events just as much as family occasions. No matter what the theme, a selfie frame has a place, and guests can use them to interact with each other, or even members of the public and potential clients at conferences! In short, they are a great way to break the ice with style and personality.

Why not invest in a customised frame with the company logo so that everyone knows exactly who organised the great event? If you get this shared on social media, you could attract a pool of new prospective employees too!

Help you mark a special calendar event
Selfie frames are designed to help guests create memories and hallmark a special event. Is it your brand’s birthday? Have you had you most successful year to date? Whatever the occasion, customising a selfie frame to shout about it is a lovely touch for your staff to enjoy.

What’s more, the selfie frame can be an effective network and marketing tool. Networking can be daunting — then there’s all the new faces you have to remember! The selfie frame not only encourages guests and team members to join together and acquire new connections — like a business card for the 21st century — but the photos help you to remember who was there on the day and perhaps even make connections on LinkedIn or similar platforms.

Social media-friendly to spread your brand
Branded selfie frames offer staff and colleagues that chance to interact in a professional, but light-hearted manner. Plus, there’s something about selfie frame images that people really engage with — great news if you want to get your logo or corporate event on social media to spread awareness!

What’s the benefit of people seeing your corporate event online? By sharing the photos on your company’s social media channels, you’re showing your followers how important staff morale and building a sociable team is to your brand. You’ll also be advertising the theme of your event — advantageous if you’ve made amazing profits or won a great partnership deal. Remember, even if some staff don’t upload selfie frame images themselves, they’ll likely be tagged in them by other people. Essentially, these images could significantly increase the possibility of attracting new business or employee interest.

Selfie frames offer businesses a wealth of opportunity, so be sure to check out the variety of selfie frames and customising options online.

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